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AAFE Learn The Best Esthetic Eye and Tear Trough Treatments With Botox, Fillers and PDO Threads



Here is what you will learn to master the esthetic eye:
1. The most successful tear trough treatment doesn’t start in the tear trough – see what most clinicians do wrong at the beginning of treatment.
2. What is safer to use in the tear trough, a micro-cannula or needle? The answer will surprise you!
3. The best dermal fillers for treating the tear trough!
4. Which tear troughs you should never ever treat – when saying no is the best treatment
5. See which other areas you must treat to maintain the beauty of the esthetic eye
6. Patient fees for esthetic eye treatments – the right way and the wrong way – do it the right way! This alone will be worth the cost of this live training.

Whether you are a dentist, physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, physician assistant, join AAFE President Dr. Louis Malcmacher in this virtual training as he takes you through these easy to understand, step by step esthetic eye techniques for the best treatment outcomes!