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Hi, everyone, we are living in challenging times and the AAFE is going to do everything possible to help everyone get through this Covid 19 crisis. 

Over the next week, while most of your offices are closed, we are bringing together the practice industry experts to help us all navigate in these turbulent times.  The AAFE is committed to helping you and your practice not just survive, but really thrive.  When we all get back to our practices, it is time to gear up for success – it takes planning, willpower, and determination and we are going to work with you to get there quickly.

Please register now for these webinars THIS WEEK – there will be no archive so you must attend live!

We are all in this together, and we are here to help you in any way we can!

Dr. Louis Malcmacher  AAFE President


Replacing Volume To Support The Smile and Repairing Badly Damaged Skin with Botox Fillers and PDO Threads

Sunday April 5th  3 PM EST / Noon PST

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This will be an amazing free online training so you can learn new ways how to help your patients – see how replace volume for lip/smile lines and we will show you a young patient with damaged skin that you will gasp at, and wait till you see the results so far while we are still in the middle of treatment. You will see this and other cases and how we are using botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, and solid filler PDO threads to rebuild these patient’s collagen and skin. Yes, you read that right – we are using all 3 and you will see how it’s done. Join AAFE president Dr. Louis Malcmacher on this new AAFE training! This new online course WILL NOT BE RECORDED, YOU MUST ATTEND LIVE!

We Had So Many Requests For This Online Training From Last Week so let’s do this again!

Six Brand New Botox, Filler, and PDO Thread Treatments You Must See and The Real Truth About PDO Threads

Monday April 6th at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST

Tuesday April 7th at 8 PM EST / 5 PM  PST

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Every single office that offers injectables have been getting calls during the shutdown – these services will come back very quickly as they are now considered self-care treatments. This online training is for those looking into adding Botox, Fillers and PDO Threads to your office or for experienced injectors looking to expand their services now more than ever!

Want to see some of the most gorgeous lip cases ever, solid filler PDO threads for frown lines/lip pop/sagging skin/, an OMG case treatment to tighten the neck and eliminate chin fat all in the same treatment, how about a Voluma Lift, gummy smile treatment, and so much more to choose from!  
Plus the REAL TRUTH about PDO Threads – it is about time for a real discussion of which PDO thread work and which don’t!
You won’t believe the treatment possibilities that we will show in this FREE exclusive AAFE online training. This is going to be the most unique injectable online training. Join AAFE President Dr. Louis Malcmacher, and I will show you more than six Botox, Filler, and PDO Thread cases you must see!    You will be amazed at what Botox, Fillers, and PDO Threadlifts can do for your patients and for your practice! 

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Let’s improve your patient care, your practice and your profitability. See you there!

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