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Upcoming Webinar This Thursday at 8 PM EST!

Just Announced – AAFE Full Face Online Training Free Webinar this Thursday at 8 PM EST
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See why and how I gave a 20 year old Botox, a 22 year old the lips of her dreams, a 50 year old a Face Flip, and a 75 year old a non-surgical face lift. I will show total facial esthetics cases using Botox, Fillers, and PDO threadlifts to flip a sagging face back to youthful volume, smoothing wrinkles, and lifting sagging skin.  Watch new amazing treatment video in this free online training course.  Register now at

I have these new 20-80 year old Botox, dermal fillers and PDO Threadlifts Full Face cases for you to see – if you have ever thought about offering these new services in your practice to create a recurring revenue stream in your office that patients pay for, you don’t have to deal with insurance, and people leave your office happy, then join me in this free online training course.

You will learn new ways to treat patients and get better esthetic and therapeutic outcomes than ever before.  And your patients will love you for it!

—> No cost, totally free. It’s this Thursday at 8 PM EST
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Here are some of the clinical techniques I will show:

  1. How to make people look great and feel great with one Botox treatment
  2. Give patients the lips they want with these lip enhancement techniques
  3. Getting rid of that gummy smile with Botox and dermal fillers
  4. The AAFE Full Face technique to reverse facial aging with Botox, dermal fillers, and solid filler PDO Threadlifts.
  5. Using a new 3 vector Solid Filler PDO Threadlift for a beautiful non-surgical facelift
  6. Skin smoothing, collagen building, and acne scar correction, and total skin rejuvenation
  7. And lots more!

You will be amazed at what Botox, Dermal Fillers and PDO Threadlifts can do for your patients and your practice – these services will have the highest ROI in your practice of any patient services you now offer, and people love them and pay for them!

See you on this training, so excited to share this with you!  Log in early to secure your spots which are limited!

Dr. Louis Malcmacher
President, American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE

P.S. There will be extra new video that you will not want to miss so make sure you register now at

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