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Medspa Business Training Course



Build A Successful Injectable Practice and Medspa Business with this BRAND NEW One of a Kind AAFE Business Training Course – There is no other training like this!

Everyone who treats patients with injectables needs this training to boost your case acceptance, understand the Botox® business and significantly increase your practice production now!

Get ready for the busiest time of the year by learning the concepts in this training to get ready for the upcoming 4th quarter where you can do a years worth of production in a short period of time with these proven practice building techniques!

This Injectable Practice Business Training Online Course is for those who want to:

  • Build your internal injectable practice revenue quickly
  • Get patients to say “YES” to comprehensive esthetic treatment
  • Help patients achieve total facial esthetics with a long term treatment plan
  • Start a new Medspa as an independent business
  • Transform part of your existing practice into a Medspa
  • Transform all of your existing practice into a Medspa
  • Create multiple recurring revenues for your practice
  • Build a new self-sustaining practice and revenue stream
  • Find financial independence in a practice you will love

Learn from real world AAFE faculty who have built Injectable Practices and Medspas, run these practices, and have had Injectable Practices and Medspas as part of their practice.

What You Will Learn:

  • Getting patients to say “YES” to esthetic treatment
  • Proven highly effective digital marketing strategies through Instagram and Facebook
  • Powerful new patient acquisition programs for your practice
  • What services are the most profitable, and what should you stay away from
  • How to do a great consultation
  • Managing Medspa and injectable practice overhead
  • What should the Injectable Practice / Medspa corporate structure be?
  • Independent practice or part of your existing practice?
  • What employees do you need to run an Injectable Practice/Medspa?
  • Employee compensation – the key to happiness
  • Should you have an esthetician, and what can they do?
  • Making comprehensive treatment affordable
  • Using loyalty programs to keep your patients
  • Capital equipment – making the right choices for your practice
  • What your Medspa should look like to maximize production
  • And so much more!

This offer subject to change at any time and cannot be combined with any other offers

Course and Cancellation Policies – Please Read Carefully

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