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Course and Cancellation Policies

Course and Cancellation Policies

The COVID 19 challenge affects all of us and the AAFE is doing everything possible to provide you and all of our attendees the best virtual and live patient certification training available. With the AAFE virtual on-demand programs, AAFE certification training is always available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  AAFE attendees take many hundreds of hours of virtual on-demand instruction every week which is available to all registered attendees.

Live patient training days of AAFE certification programs necessarily need to comply with  government recommendations and guidelines as does your office, to provide safety to attendees, faculty, and safe treatment to patients.  Because of the COVID-19 challenge, we are not able to offer any refunds at this time as the programs you have enrolled in are all continuing and available to you with the AAFE exclusive educational on-demand system and the live patient training.

Please Note – in light of COVID 19 and state gathering restrictions, the AAFE will assess whether or not team members may accompany the attendee as we approach the scheduled course date.  As you know, this is a fluid situation and there may be situations where this may change up to the day of the course.  We apologize for this inconvenience which is beyond our control.

If you have registered for an on-demand/live patient course and have not started the on-demand portion of the course and have not selected a live patient training location within 90 days, the course tuition is refundable less a $775 cancellation fee within the first 90 days from initial registration date.  There are no refunds after 90 days of any on-demand or an on-demand/live patient course registration. At the AAFE’s discretion, you may be able to change to another date and location but there will be no refund available should you transfer into another course, cancel out of that course, or fail to show up for any reason.

On-Demand Courses with or without a Live Patient Training day are not refundable once you have started the course. If you have selected a live patient location upon registration and have not started the on-demand course, tuition is fully refundable no later than 5 PM same date one month before course less a $775 cancellation fee. No refunds after same date one month before the first live patient course that you registered for.

If any course is canceled by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics, you will be given the option to transfer to another AAFE live patient course at no additional cost to you. We reserve the right to cancel any course for any reason and cannot be responsible for hotel deposits or non-refundable airline tickets or other associated fees.  Hotel locations may change depending on circumstances within or beyond our control.

Participants may pay with credit cards at any time or by check only two weeks before each course. Checks are not accepted for payment on the day of the course for either attendance or for the products to be used at the course.

Participants accept that On-Demand content purchased access to any AAFE courses is solely limited to the subscriber and their immediate office team and is prohibited from being shared for any reason with any other healthcare professionals who can perform injectable treatment.  Sharing your on-demand access or any course materials will result in denied access, forfeiting tuition and subject to prosecution.

For participants registered for an AAFE all access membership plan package – if a participant does not show up for a scheduled live patient training without 72 hour prior notice to the AAFE, then this will result in the loss of the course(s) in which the participant no-showed from the all access plan package.

All course completion, certificates and continuing education credits will be awarded to attendees when all course tuition, team member verification, and course/product fees have been reconciled.

Additional Costs (If applicable)

Additional materials include $620 per vial of Botulinum Toxin,  $265-$420 per syringe of dermal filler, and/or $10 – $50 per solid filler PDO thread.  Prices are dependent on brand requested and are subject to change at any time.  Products bought at the course are for use at the course only. Attendees may bring their own products but must show proof that they are original and authentic. A list of other necessary supplies will be provided for you to bring to the live patient course.

At AAFE international courses,  these costs may be significantly less.

Professional Licensing and State Board Requirements

The AAFE assumes no liability regarding medical, nursing, dental, esthetician or other state board requirements. Participants need to determine whether they are able to acquire and use prescription based products and perform these procedures at AAFE courses and in their own practices. The AAFE is not responsible for decisions or changes made by state medical/dental/nursing/esthetician boards about their state practice acts prior to or after AAFE courses.  It is the responsibility of each individual practitioner to diagnose, treat, and document patient care within their training, scope of practice, and experience and to ensure patients under their care are diagnosed, treated, and documented appropriately.

Healthcare professionals attending AAFE courses must exercise independent, professional judgment, and perform the full standard of care in treating their patients, including but not limited to obtaining a medical history, examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC assumes no responsibility for patient care and provides no specific medical, dental, or legal advice.

Attendees must provide proof of professional license and current malpractice insurance to attend an AAFE course. The AAFE assumes no liability if a participant is refused coverage by an insurer for any reason or is unable to obtain materials for use in practice.

California Dentists may use pharmacological agents such as Botox® and dermal fillers only in conjunction with a bona-fide dental treatment plan in accordance with Business and Professions Code section 1625 and that any cosmetic benefit from the use of such agents is incidental to the therapeutic use of those agents.

Model Patients

For the best learning experience, please bring your own model patient.  This is a teaching course so please advise your model patient that they must be available for approximately 3-4 hours. You and your team members may serve as patients. The AAFE does not provide model patients.

Team Members

Team members include front office staff, medical/dental assistants, and those not licensed to inject.  Any dentists, physicians, osteopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, or any other medical or dental professionals whether they can inject or not may NOT be your team member.

Additional Licensed Professionals and Staff

Additional medical/dental professionals and/or team members who show up at the course will be charged appropriately.

Course Photography and/or Videotaping

By entering the AAFE course, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed, or videotaped and you hereby give the American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC the unqualified right to take pictures and/or recordings of you and grant the perpetual right to use your likeness, image, photo (collectively, “image”), without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation.  You hereby waive, release and forever discharge the American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC shall not be obligated to use, and may elect not to use, your image.

Live Patient Course Participation

Film, video, and photographs are taken at AAFE  events. By entering the event and your presence, you give unqualified consent to: AAFE, its agents, licensees to record, use and publicize your voice, actions, likeness and appearance, in any manner and media, worldwide in perpetuity. If you wish to avoid being recorded, please do not enter this event.

Please share this with your team and patients that may accompany you to the course.

Your Personal Property

The AAFE and any facility where an AAFE course occurs assumes no responsibility for your personal property brought in to an AAFE course.  This equally applies to anyone accompanying you to an AAFE course.  You are responsible for the safeguarding of your personal belongings and any injectables you bring with you or purchase at an AAFE course at all times.  Please keep your items with you.

AAFE Membership, DVD/Online Courses, and Marketing Materials

Membership is non-refundable. DVD’s and online courses are non-refundable. Defective DVD’s may be exchanged up to 21 days from purchase. All Marketing Materials purchased are non-refundable.

AAFE All Access Membership Training Package Policies – find out more about all access packages at 

  • Gold and Platinum Packages may swap out their level courses for a different level
  • Offers cannot be combined
  • Live patient courses do fill to capacity and are available first come first serve, so register early for your desired location
  • You may only be enrolled in one level course at any time. You may enroll in the next level course once the previous live patient courses are completed
  • For participants registered for an AAFE all access membership plan package – if a participant does not show up for a scheduled live patient training without 72 hour prior notice to the AAFE, then this will result in the loss of 1 course from the all access plan package.
  • Your Membership Plan begins the month of your 1st course under your plan. You then have 1 year from that month to take advantage of the courses available on that plan
  • Courses available in these membership plans are for AAFE arranged group courses.  For in-office private training, please email
  • Offer subject to change at any time and without notice
  • Course injectables not included in tuition pricing.
  • Membership plans must be paid in full before beginning hands-on training

All policies are subject to change at any time.


Care has been given to confirm the accuracy of the information presented on the AAFE website; in personal communications; during training modules and in all written materials. However, the AAFE, the authors, editors, publishers, printers, trainers, faculty, mentors, employees and parent companies are not responsible for errors or omissions and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the contents of the material delivered. The AAFE assumes no responsibility for any consequences from the application of the information contained on the website or in the lectures, manuals, printed materials and other communication and training provided.

The AAFE has exerted every effort to ensure all information presented is in accordance with current recommendations and accepted practice at the time of publication or other communication. However, in view of ongoing research, changes in government legislation, the constant flow of information relating to therapy using any pharmaceuticals, medical devices, implantable devices, and medical/dental standard of care – attendees, users or receivers of AAFE materials, information and training are solely responsible for insuring they continually update and refresh their knowledge and skills in relation to their clinical practice and any local, state, or federal agency legal opinion, positions, and regulations regarding their own healthcare practice.

All information provided is necessarily generic in nature. It should not be used or relied upon in diagnosing or treating specific patient conditions. Healthcare professionals are solely responsible for all patient treatment and must exercise independent professional judgment and standard of care in treating their patients and practice decisions. Healthcare professionals are solely responsible for the choices and use of any and all pharmaceuticals, medical devices, implantable devices used on their patients.  The American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC including its faculty, employees, associates or any related parties assumes no responsibility for any pharmaceuticals, medical devices, implantable devices, patient care and provides no specific medical or legal advice.

Any unauthorized use of any of the AAFE trademarks or of its copyrighted material or any other intellectual property is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Copyright  American Academy of Facial Esthetics LLC, all rights reserved, no duplication allowed.

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