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  • Botox and Filler Training – No Money Down
  • what AAFE attendees are saying
  • AAFE Level I Course Preview
  • why offer botox +  fillers
  • You can’t treat bruxism without measuring it
  • testimonials
  • AAFE Training With No Money Down – No More Excuses
  • stop ignoring your patients
  • Dr. Gordon Christensen and Dr. Louis Malcmacher Discuss Botox & Bruxism Monitoring Therapy
  • Why offer Bruxism/Sleep Apnea Treatments
  •  TMJ/Orofacial Pain On-Demand Series Promo
  • services + procedures to offer
  • What you’ll learn in the Frontline TMJ Headache and Orofacial Pain course.
  • [
    AAFE Black Triangles Treatment On-Demand and Live Patient Training Course

    Difference Between Various DVD Series

  • levels of accreditation
  • level ||| botox and dermal filler
  • level || botox and dermal filler
  • the difficulty of procedures
  • what you’ll learn
  • STATDDS Medical Emergency Kit
  • hear from the AAFE faculty
  • Comfortox Syringes

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