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AAFE Learn The New MicroBotox Precision Lip Flip

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Computer requirements to view this program include any mobile device, laptop or desktop with the latest updated operating system software. This program is best viewed in Google Chrome.

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One of the most coveted and challenging botulinum toxin procedures patients want is the Botox Lip Flip.  It seems so easy but as you may know, clinicians and patients complain they don’t get the results and/or the patient cannot move their lips normally.

The secret to a successful and predictable AAFE MicroBotox Lip Flip is anatomy, precision, how to use the specific toxin, and one more important consideration that you will learn in this brand new AAFE live virtual training!


Whether you are a dentist, physician, NP, RN, or PA, who is new to injectables or are an experienced injector, join AAFE President and Expert Injector Dr. Louis Malcmacher as he teaches you the AAFE MicroBotox Lip Flip technique and get the results your patients want through a combination of clinical and anatomical based techniques.

You will learn:

  1. The best lips to choose for an AAFE MicroBotox Lip Flip
  2. Proper diagnosis and dosaging
  3. Step by step precision treatment
  4. Treatment sequence when used with lip fillers and PDO threads
  5. How to use different toxins for a lip flip, and more!

Micro Botox Lip Flip demand is higher than ever which makes it more important than ever that you deliver the best treatment results!

Let’s improve your patient care, your practice and your profitability! Register Right Now!



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