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Treating Black Triangles – On-Demand Training Course

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Treating Black Triangles – On-Demand Training Course

3 CE Hours

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Deficient interdental papilla, otherwise known as the dreaded “black triangle”, is one of the most frustrating challenges in dentistry. Black trianglesoccur between teeth as a result of aggressive crown and bridge, implant, periodontal procedures, or because they occur naturally.  In the past, black triangles have been impossible to avoid and even harder to treat.

For the first time in dentistry, general dentists and dental specialists alike now have a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that can be performed to correct deficient interdental papilla in just a matter of minutes.  This procedure has been mastered by a protocol using dermal filler materials developed by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) faculty.  The black triangle on-demand portion of this course will describe gingival anatomy and biotypes, causes, current restorative and surgical treatments, and step by step detail of dermal filler treatment of black triangles. This is the only accredited black triangle therapy training course presented by the AAFE.

  • Gingival anatomy and how it relates to different treatment options for black triangles
  • Identify proper interdental gingival contour for each clinical situation
  • Esthetic gingival guidelines to establish proper lip and smile lines
  • Assessing the patient’s gingival biotype and how to treatment plan different biotypes for dental restorative, implant, and black triangle treatment
  • The top 6 causes of deficient interdental papilla – the dreaded black triangle
  • Black triangle treatment alternatives including removable prosthodontics, dental restorative treatment with fixed restorative or composite resins, and periodontal surgery options
  • Patient assessment and consultation for black triangle treatment with dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications for dermal filler pharmaceutical agents
  • Different delivery techniques to rebuild deficient interdental papilla
  • Internal partial thickness graft technique to create an interdental papilla space for dermal filler treatment
  • Sterile technique training using dermal fillers
  • Step by step black triangle treatment with dermal fillers for the best esthetic and therapeutic outcomes
  • Proper fee structures for black triangle treatment


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