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AAFE Treating Covid Clenching & Esthetic Headaches/TMJ With Botox, Fillers, PDO Threads



Here is what you will learn in this Online Training:

  1. See how Botox in these specific areas can eliminate headaches, migraines, bruxism, clenching, TMJ disorder without any other treatment or oral appliances and check out these new AAFE trigger point protocols!
  2. Learn how adding volume with dermal fillers in the face affect how muscles function (called myomodulation) and how it helps in esthetic headache treatment
  3. Check out what solid filler PDO threads can do to help potentiate the Botox esthetic headache treatment better than ever before
  4. You will see how comprehensive treatment with all of these injectables give patients the best esthetic and therapeutic outcomes
  5. And special bonus content of a new treatment you have got to see!

Thousands of AAFE trained healthcare professionals use Botox, dermal fillers and PDO Threads in their practice every day getting the best therapeutic and esthetic outcomes for their patients. Get AAFE Certification Trained Today!