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Hyperdilute Radiesse®

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP There are two proteins that every aging adult could benefit from in some way or another: collagen and elastin. We start slowly losing collagen and

Recent Patient Treatment

By Lauren Niehaus, MSN, CNP This patient originally came to see me starting in November of 2021 in preparation for her wedding in April of 2022. She came in stating

Excessive Sweating?

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP You may be surprised to read below about an unconventional treatment that is highly effective in eliminating symptoms.   Have you ever wondered why we

Comprehensive Patient Treatment

  By Crystal Wilson, CNP This patient presented to me and wanted a full-face refresh. During our initial visit, we talked about all her concerns and came up with a

Tools of The Trade

By Crystal Wilson, CNP When determining which syringes and/or needles to purchase for neurotoxin treatments, it can be confusing as to what to buy. Here at the AAFE, we absolutely

Hyaluronidase. How Many Vials is Enough?

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP Filler complications. They can happen to any provider- both new or seasoned. The facial vasculature is highly complex and though we rely on our extensive