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Tools of The Trade

By Crystal Wilson, CNP

When determining which syringes and/or needles to purchase for neurotoxin treatments, it can be confusing as to what to buy. Here at the AAFE, we absolutely love the Comfortox syringes. Let’s start with talking about the differences between the 0.5cc and the 0.3cc Comfortox syringes. We use both for injecting both neurotoxin and dermal fillers. Typically, when choosing the right syringe to treat your patients with, one factor that plays into it is if you are dosing with standard or tight reconstituted neurotoxin, specifically Botox or Xeomin. 0.5cc syringes work wonders for standard reconstitution, whereas 0.3cc syringes work best for tight, or 1:1, reconstitution. The 0.5cc syringe holds 20 standard units and 50 tight units. The 0.3cc syringe only holds 12 standard units and 30 tight units. We like to use the 0.3cc syringe for tight reconstitution, because every single little hashmark is 1 unit. This makes injecting the correct amount easier to see. We have also seen a liking to these specific needles in terms of discomfort while injecting. The needle is a 31 gauge, and it is multi-beveled making it extremely comfortable to be injected with. We also enjoy using the Comfortox syringes, both 0.5cc and 0.3cc, for backfilling dermal filler into when injecting lips with the AAFE right angle technique. These syringes are our go-to when it comes to injecting neurotoxin, and our patients seem to enjoy the comfort of them as well.


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