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PDO Lifting Threads – Where and When?

By Sydney Gatta, RN

With so many options available, how do I know what to use where and when? This is a very common question that we receive. Let’s break it down –

The two types of threads are Barbstars and Artes. Barbstars are barbed threads that have been laser cut, while Artes are molded, thus a bit stronger since their integrity is not impacted. Barbstar threads are our go-to thread for basic cases and beginner providers. They can achieve a sufficient lift in many situations. However, when cases become a bit more complex or a patient’s tissue requires a greater lift, Artes are the way to go. Both thread types are loaded onto a cannula, which are either sharp-tipped or blunt-tipped. Within both categories, there are different gauges, or thread thicknesses, as well as lengths.

Now, let’s dive in a bit deeper!

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