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Excessive Sweating?

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP

You may be surprised to read below about an unconventional treatment that is highly effective in eliminating symptoms.


Have you ever wondered why we sweat? Well, the main function of sweating is to regulate our body temperature. In individuals diagnosed with primary hyperhidrosis, they experience sweating in excess of typical temperature regulation. The first-line nonsurgical treatment is the use of topical antiperspirants, however these can be ineffective, require reapplication and can be irritating to some. Are you aware that the use of neurotoxins, such as Botox and Xeomin, can be highly effective in managing excessive sweating? The neurotoxin temporarily inhibits the release of acetylcholine which prevents the hyperstimulation of the eccrine sweat glands. The treatment is fairly quick and well tolerated by patients. Symptoms generally improve within the first 14 days and are typically abated for 6-9 months. Treatment areas can include the underarms, the palms and the soles of the feet. While Botox is widely used for aesthetic purposes, there are plenty of therapeutic uses that many people are completely unaware of. Based on discussions I have had with my patients in the clinic, management of excessive sweating is certainly one of them!


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