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Baby Botox VS MicroBotox

By Sydney Gatta, RN

There are so many buzzwords these days surrounding neurotoxin treatments. It can be difficult to know what’s what in a booming and ever-evolving industry. We’ve all heard of Botox, which is actually the brand name for botulinum toxin. There are many other brands of neurotoxin, which are often referred to under the umbrella term as “botox.” There’s also “baby botox,” which is essentially smaller doses of neurotoxin used as a preventative treatment method in younger people. Then comes “microBotox,” which is a hyper diluted version of neurotoxin (any kind) used in a bit of a different way. MicroBotox is essentially very small amounts of toxin mixed with much larger amounts of saline. Rather than being injected into the muscle, microBotox is injected much more superficially, just underneath the skin. It’s injected using a small syringe, such as a 31 gauge Comfortox needle. Tiny blebs of product are injected in a linear fashion, each measuring a couple millimeters in diameter. Once injected, these raised sites can look like many small bug bites, but quickly the product diffuses and becomes undetectable. As far as dosing goes, it really depends on the size of the treatment area, but think small. Commonly treated areas are the face and neck. MicroBotox can help with many different things, such as skin texture, skin tightening, pore size, fine lines, and much more. The product will take effect anywhere from 2 to 10 days and results should last about 3 to 4 months. This treatment can be alone or in conjunction with other treatment modalities to achieve optimal results. Give it a shot and happy injecting!


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