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One Treatment Does Not Fit All

By Sydney Gatta, RN   In the ever-evolving world of facial aesthetics, there are constantly new treatments on the market to help us tackle (and in some cases prevent) the

Hyperdilute Radiesse®

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP There are two proteins that every aging adult could benefit from in some way or another: collagen and elastin. We start slowly losing collagen and

What do you think I need?

By Sydney Gatta, RN   I am a nurse injector and like many of you, day in and day out, I see patients hoping to maintain or improve their appearance

Building Confidence as a New Injector

By Elizabeth Stewart, RN As a new injector it can be intimidating to get started. Often times attendees will express worry about going back their offices and incorporating their new

Recent Patient Treatment

By Lauren Niehaus, MSN, CNP This patient originally came to see me starting in November of 2021 in preparation for her wedding in April of 2022. She came in stating

Baby Botox VS MicroBotox

By Sydney Gatta, RN There are so many buzzwords these days surrounding neurotoxin treatments. It can be difficult to know what’s what in a booming and ever-evolving industry. We’ve all

Excessive Sweating?

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP You may be surprised to read below about an unconventional treatment that is highly effective in eliminating symptoms.   Have you ever wondered why we