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Bro-tox? Over 300,000 Men Got Botox® Last Year

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The amount of men who received cosmetic procedures has nearly doubled in the last 15 years. At the top of their makeover wish lists: Botox®. Or Bro-tox (you know, for bros) as ABC News is calling it.

Apparently females are not alone in their quest for eternal youth as men too have been running off to dermatologists and plastic surgeons after a long look in the mirror. Over 300,000 dudes got Bro-tox in 2011, and some even received vouchers for the treatment as Christmas presents. ABC News claims women are opting to buy Botox® as gifts for the men in their lives in lieu of the usual electronic gadgets and sports tickets. Really? This is the equivalent of a man signing his wife up for Weight Watchers. They interviewed one lady who gave her husband the magical gift of Botox®, but luckily he was in the market for a frozen forehead already. Otherwise, that may have made for one awkward holiday!

The sale of men’s high end skin care products also jumped 12% last year, which skin care experts say is due to the recession and increased competition in the job market. Sure men want to look good, but if you’re an unemployed male are you buying expensive anti-wrinkle creams and Botox® treatments? Or are men just following suit and getting more comfortable tending to their appearance in our image-based society? Watch the full ABC report below.


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