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Why Take a Certification Course?

By Jill Charles, MSN, CNP

Are you a dentist looking to implement esthetics into your dental practice? Or maybe a Nurse Practitioner wanting to specialize in facial injectables? Perhaps you are a medical doctor interested in adding facial esthetics into your practice just to mix things up a bit.

Whatever your background may be, the importance of taking a certification course cannot be emphasized enough. It is crucial to have a solid foundation in order to have the greatest chance for success. While you may already be familiar with the anatomy of the head and neck, being an injector requires you to know your anatomy inside and out. A certification course should cover an extensive anatomy review and how this pertains to injectables. For example, point out the muscles we treat, but also what other surrounding anatomical structures to be aware of and what potential complications may arise if in advertently affected.

In addition to anatomy, injection techniques, dosing recommendations, treatment planning and managing potential complications are all teaching points that are important to master as an injector. A certification course will provide all the above and more in order to help establish your successful injectable practice!

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