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What happens to our face as we age?

By Jill Charles, NP

As we age, structural changes and volume loss can result in sagging, wrinkled and drooping skin.

We start gradually losing collagen around age 25 and elastin around 45 years. Due to these changes, there is a decrease in skin elasticity and an increase in undesirable skin folds, wrinkles and shadowing. Our fat-pads lose volume and descend which causes a sagging and sunken appearance in the face. Even our bones become thinner and our muscles lose tone which affects our facial shape and contour!

How can cheek augmentation improve signs of aging?

Replacing mid-face volume loss is so important for restoring structure, contour and lift! Cheek augmentation using dermal fillers is a quick and simple procedure that offers a temporary solution to loss of mid-face volume. We can finally give patients the heart-shaped face that they desire! With this procedure, we can replace or improve cheek structure and contour which in turn, can lift sagging skin and smooth folds that are secondary to volume loss.  For example, it can improve or soften the “parentheses” on the face and lift the downturned corners of the mouth. There is little to no recovery time for cheek augmentation and depending on which filler is used, results can last anywhere from 6-24 months.

Cheek augmentation can be a total game-changer and just what you need for a more youthful appearance! Talk with your esthetic provider today to discuss your options!

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