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Frontline TMJ and Facial Pain Trigger Point Therapy Level I Course – International On-Demand Training

Take the #1 Frontline TMJ, Headaches, and Orofacial Pain Trigger Point Therapy Training Courses for Dental and Medical Professionals, Presented by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE).

Upon completing registration for this course you will receive email confirmation that will give you access to the Prepare On-Demand Module which includes the lecture, video and didactic portions of this course using the AAFE state of the art online education portal.

This course is intended for international healthcare professionals only, and do not take the place of live patient training for healthcare professionals practicing within the United States.



Frontline TMJ and Facial Pain Therapy Level I Course Objective

  • Identify trigger points immediately in the head, neck, and shoulders with the new skills you will learn in this course.
  • How to quickly identify and diagnose facial pain patients in your practice – they are everywhere and have been asking you for treatment!
  • A step by step comprehensive patient examination and evaluation including a one minute maxillofacial neurological exam, a one minute otic exam, and a thorough head and neck muscle examination
  • Learn why you should not initially spend a dollar on expensive equipment for facial pain diagnosis and treatment
  • Learn the two most important tools used to diagnose myofascial pain – one is free and the other one will cost you one penny each!
  • Trigger point therapy is an amazing treatment that will help your patients short term and long term.  Some of your patients will respond immediately to trigger point therapy at the live patient course!
  • Learn the real secret of the role of occlusion in orofacial pain – don’t suffer from occlusion confusion any more.
  • Simple, easy ways to quickly identify if facial pain is coming from the TMJ, neuralgia, ear, eyes, or facial muscles
  • Understand when to use different chemotherapeutics such as sterile saline, lidocaine, and botulinum toxin for differential diagnosis, pain management, and the best short-term and long-term successful therapeutic outcomes
  • Learn when to treat and when to refer orofacial pain patients
  • Common sense diagnosis and treatment planning for TMJ syndrome, headaches and orofacial pain patients
  • Medical insurance reimbursement for the dental/medical practice for myofascial pain patients with a full list of diagnosis and treatment codes to help you get started immediately

Attendees must be trained in the use of botulinum toxin in order to use those pharmaceutical agents in this course.

AAFE courses provide training equal to and often exceeding the education taught in academic communities around the world over the last 5 decades.