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The Fourth and Final Way To Add $26,500 Production/Month

One of the fastest growing areas is bruxism therapy coupled with dental sleep medicine.  This is the final piece of the puzzle to growing your practice and adding $26,500 more a month in production.

So many patients have destructive bruxism because they have obstructive sleep apnea. They then have TMJ/orofacial pain because of this same mechanism that needs to be controlled.

1 of 3 patients have bruxism, yet it remains the least understood dental disease.  Now we have the capacity to measure bruxism so we can really treat it and at the same time see if the patient has obstructive sleep apnea.  Would you treat perio without a probe or caries without a radiograph? Of course you wouldn’t.  Now we can measure bruxism and that objective data will help us treatment plan restorative, esthetic and implant dentistry and be assured of a long term prognosis.  Why would you put in a crown or an implant if you have no idea how much the patient is bruxing?  Bruxism is the reason for so much failed dentistry, I hate doing dentistry over for the patient and now I can measure and treat bruxism with the right kind of appliance and with Botox®.

The investment in adding bruxism therapy and dental sleep medicine which is comorbid with TMJ/Orofacial pain is the cost of skill based training and the very economical home bruxism/sleep monitor.  Once these skills are learned, you have them for the rest of your career. The highest ROI you will ever have is in skill based training as it pays off quickly and the benefits continue for years to come.

Many dental professionals who have taken Botox® training with Frontline TMJ/Orofacial trigger point training have also taken the AAFE bruxism therapy/dental sleep medicine course. The reason is these therapies completely complement each other. The AAFE has pioneered the use of Botox for bruxism therapy and dental sleep medicine which is producing outstanding therapeutic results.

The below results from the AAFE member dentist profitability survey will show the profitability potential of the AAFE bruxism therapy and dental sleep medicine exclusive protocol.

Bruxism Monitoring and Oral Appliance Therapy

This treatment area is different from the others in that it does involve a minimal investment in capital equipment as it will provide the objective data needed to determine the proper treatment plan. There is also a laboratory fee component that also must be taken into consideration to determine the profitability.  The survey results are based on amortization of the purchase of the home bruxism and sleep monitor equal to the rental fee of $299 a month as well as the $18 in consumables needed for each home monitor test. The laboratory fees averaged $119 for a bruxism appliance/occlusal guard and $381 for a mandibular advancement appliance which is the type of oral appliance used for snoring and  obstructive sleep apnea.

The average office in this survey who has integrated bruxism and sleep monitoring were performing 15 home tests a month with the average fee of $225 per test.

Appliance production averaged:

  • 8 bruxism appliances with an average fee of $525
  • 5 oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea with an average fee of $2850.
  • The total appliance production was $21825.
  • Deduct from this the monthly rental monitor fee of $299, $270 in consumables, and lab fees for the appliances of $2827.

Total additional monthly profit of $18,429.

Average treatment time is 40 minutes which includes the impression and seating appointments.

Do you have a treatment room free on a daily basis for a 40 minute procedure that can add anywhere $10,000 – 20,000 of profit (not productivity, real profit) for bruxism monitoring and oral appliances? I would bet you do.

The survey’s bottom line was this – AAFE members who have introduced Botox®, dermal fillers, TMJ orofacial pain trigger points, bruxism monitoring, AAFE dental sleep medicine into their offices have seen an average increase of $26,500 of production per month.  This increased production is coupled with more services and treatment options for your patients with better and excellent therapeutic and esthetic outcomes than ever before.

The strong lesson here is an important one – the best investment is in yourself and your skill set.  Expand the services in your office with those that are highly desired by patients and at the same time can help most of your patient population right now. The ROI for investing in yourself is high and the investment payoff is quick, substantial and lasts the rest of your career. Most importantly, everyone benefits from increased office production and profitability including you, your team, and especially your patients through more treatment options and better outcomes. Dentistry becomes more fun and fulfilling to you and your team and that is the best investment you can ever make.

One more thing – you can join many other AAFE dental practices that bill this treatment to medical insurance who will reimburse you for this therapy.

Click here to find out about AAFE Botox®, Dermal Filler, Frontline TMJ/Orofacial Pain Therapy Live Patient Training, and Bruxism Therapy and Dental Sleep Medicine in your city or near you. Join the thousands of dentists already providing this treatment for better esthetic and therapeutic outcomes than ever before.

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