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AAFE Patient Capture Funnel – New Free Member Benefit Worth Over $1000

Benefits to the AAFE Patient Capture Funnel:

  • Those who visit your website will not be invisible to you anymore – Immediately start capturing patient information from those that visit your website
  • Autoresponder email to patient with an offer deadline and your practice information to motivate patients to make an appointment as quickly as possible
  • Your practice gets an email notifying you every time a lead form is filled out so you can follow up and appoint the patient
  • Patients who fill out form are already interested in Botox®/fillers/PDO threads
  • Lets every patient immediately know that you offer the most popular esthetic injectable services available
  • Provides patients the confidence in you and your office as being identified as an AAFE Preferred Esthetics Provider

Here is how it works after it is installed (which you just saw when you came to this website page:

  • Step 1 – Website Pop up with a Great Offer
  • Step 2 – Patient fills out simple online form
  • Step 3 – Offer Page Pops Up With Specific Structure
  • Step 4 – Autoresponder email sent to patient
  • You will be amazed at who is coming to your website
  • Build your email and contact list
  • Get new patients
  • Motivate existing patients to try injectable treatment
  • Ready For Next 50 AAFE Members So Fill Out The Form Below Now To Get Started!

Contact your website provider for the name and contact information for the person that can update your website and then fill out and submit the form below.  Complete information is needed at one time to provide this to you as soon as possible.

Fill out this form to get the Patient Capture Funnel on your website:

It is time for you to begin capturing patients who come to your website and getting them into your appointment book now! Start booking more patient appointments today with this fantastic new AAFE Member Benefit! The AAFE is providing this pop up to ensure that our members can be as successful as possible in implementing Botox® and dermal fillers into their practices. This is a $1000+ value for free as an AAFE member benefit. This is a free AAFE member benefit open to all members who have an AAFE injectables account. To open an AAFE injectables account and to place orders, please contact Watch this video to see how the AAFE Patient Capture Funnel works to drive more patients into your appointment book: