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My Favorite Filler for Lip Enhancements

By Crystal Wilson, CNP

One of the most popular procedures I perform in the office is lip filler. With all of the patients I have treated over the last couple of years, I find myself reaching for Revanesse Versa or Revanesse Lips+ the majority of the time. As a side note, Revanesse Versa and Revanesse Lips+ are the same product! Lips+ has now been FDA approved to use in the lips, and the gauge of the needle that comes with Lips+ is different from the one in Versa. Regardless, you are injecting the same product when using either of those. I love this product in the lips for a number of reasons. I would describe it as a medium filler that injects like a light filler. Let me explain! It is very fluid-like and injects very easily through the syringe. It also sits really nicely in the lips, is not stiff and massages well. I find it to be one of the most natural appearing fillers in the lips, but it is definitely buildable, hence why I would still consider it a medium filler. I love to recommend this product to my first time lip patients who are a little hesitant or nervous about their lips looking “ducky.” I do so because we can do a small amount and keep it very natural appearing, but it can also be built upon in the future if they decide they want their lips bigger. I personally find my patients who are injected with this product tend to have less swelling. I believe this is because Versa already has water added to it, whereas most fillers are hydrophilic, meaning they pull water and create a tad more swelling during the first few days following the procedure. Less swelling is another plus for first time lip patients! I find the swelling to not be as daunting when they look in the mirror as opposed to other fillers out there. This is definitely a filler that once I use it in my patients lips, they rarely want to try anything else. It is also the product I have in my own lips, so I may be a little biased. But all in all, I find my personal patients who I inject, attendees of our courses who I teach, and their patients who get injected with it tend to absolutely love Revanesse Versa/Lips+!


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