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Member Mentor Program

Mentors make all the difference.

There is no substitute for experience — the AAFE Mentor Program is driven by the committed and enthusiastic participation of volunteer mentors who are practicing professionals in their respective fields. Our mentor program is designed to offer an educational experience for those mentoring as well as those being mentored. Mentors gain experience in the field of dental esthetics and therapeutics and be given opportunities to offer advice and support to those just starting out in this exciting practice area. At the course, mentors assist instructors in training attendees who have minimal to no experience with injectables.

Who are AAFE mentors?

AAFE mentors are passionate about facial esthetics and looking to further their education and involvement with the AAFE.

What makes a great AAFE mentor?

The right mix of knowledge and passion make a great AAFE Mentor. Someone who connects with attendees in a way that demonstrates a desire to assist attendees in their education while also advancing their own.

How AAFE mentors gain from the experience.

We hear again and again from AAFE mentors how great of an experience they have while mentoring and working with the AAFE faculty and the gratification that comes with sharing knowledge with attendees. In addition, mentoring presents a variety of networking opportunities, as well as chances to sharpen individual presentation and other professional skills.

Key Credentials to be an AAFE Mentor

  • Must be an active AAFE member
  • Must have completed at least the AAFE Level I, Level II, and Frontline TMJ Orofacial Pain Therapy course

What our Mentors are saying

“AAFE mentoring is a great way to help other health care professionals add great services to their practices. The reactions of both the injectors and the models are priceless.  I love the opportunity to meet other practitioners and learning how they are incorporating aesthetics into their lives. Each time I mentor I learn something new . The AAFE is a fantastic community and I am blessed to be a part of it.”

“I enjoy educating our colleagues expand their scope of practice in the world of esthetics. By training other healthcare professionals I know I am helping raise the bar in our profession for excellence in facial aesthetics and facial pain.”

“I love mentoring because it makes me be a better clinician, it gives me a breadth and depth of facial esthetics knowledge coming across different clinical scenarios. Also, interacting with AAFE faculty and working alongside of them is invaluable!”

“I enjoy the camaraderie of working with other instructors and being affiliated with a great organization that provides a framework for continuous learning in the field of facial aesthetics. I find it rewarding to interact and share my knowledge with other healthcare professionals. I find teaching to be intellectually invigorating, and it brings a renewal or freshness to every day private practice. Mentoring also provides credibility for my patients that not only do I perform these procedures competently but I teach other practitioners how to do it as well.”

“I am so excited to work with you guys more closely with mentoring. I mentored once and I’m doing it again. Woohoo! If I could be half as brilliant as your instructors I would be so happy! You guys rock!”

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If you’re interested in becoming a mentor and learning more about the program, please contact Dana at

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