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Mastermind Dentists

This exclusive AAFE Mastermind group is for highly motivated dentists who are intensely committed to quickly and successfully integrating and building injectable use in their practices.  The AAFE reserves the right to accept only those dentists who have the will and the drive to succeed in this mastermind group and at this time will be limited to only 50 dentists.


  • You must be ready and committed to treating 10+ new patients a week with botulinum toxin and other facial esthetics services
  • You want to increase average patient yearly spend by an additional $1000 annually
  • You want to engage hygiene patients and re-engage dormant patients
  • You want to drive new patients to your practice for the most popular elective service in the world with unique revenue opportunities
  • You want to get paid what you are worth
  • You want to be one of the most successful dentists in your community with the dream practice you have always dreamed of


  • Supply you with free botulinum toxin samples (each worth $495) through strategic partner STATDDS for you to offer 10 free units per unique patient with an emphasis on hygiene patients and new patients
  • Train you how to use these free botulinum toxin units to motivate patients to full face treatment
  • Provide monthly marketing support in digital form for you to print and promote this program
  • Monthly mastermind calls to discuss clinical and business ideas specific towards implementing this program to rapidly grow your practice
  • Clinical support to make sure you get the best esthetic and therapeutic treatment outcomes
  • Patients eligible for this program are patients who have never received botulinum toxin in your practice, whether they are already a patient of record or a new patient


  • Be one of the first 50 to register right now for $99 a month.  Sign up now at
  • Be committed to offering this new program in your office immediately
  • Purchase 10 boxes of Xeomin 100 units fulfilled through strategic partner STATDDS who is sponsoring this program.
  • You will receive your first sample with this initial order
  • Document each patient who receives the 10 free botulinum toxin units through a dedicated HIPPA compliant easy AAFE website form providing patient information and patient photos
  • Once you document 10 patients treated as part of this program, you will be sent your next free sample of botulinum toxin
  • There is a maximum of 4 samples available each month worth up to $1980
  • You must be a current AAFE member to be considered for this Mastermind program
  • Monthly price can go up at any time. If you pay annually, the price will be locked in for a year
  • Each practice will be evaluated every 3 months for continued inclusion in this mastermind program
  • As a program member any patient treated with a Xeomin sample will be required to use Xeomin exclusively while you’re an active member of the program


  • Dentists have a significant advantage building an injectable practice organically within their own practice
  • Most dentists have “let their patients know” they offer injectables and hope some will try it
  • What makes injectable so unique is that MOST of your adult patients are eligible and want injectable treatment.  They would love the opportunity to go for a botulinum toxin test drive
  • This program will give you the most unique opportunity in dentistry to have your patients experience the most popular and sought after elective service so they can see and feel the results themselves
  • This will build a huge recurring revenue stream in your practice in addition to the rest of your dental revenue


Register right now and the AAFE will contact you if you have been accepted into this exclusive program.

*Offers subject to change at any time