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TMJ Overview

What is the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)?

The temporomandibular joints connect the jawbone to the skull. Located at the sides of the head near each ear, these joints play an essential role in eating, speaking, and making facial expressions. In fact, the tmj joint is one of the most frequently used and complex joints in the entire body.

TMJ symptoms can happen when the temporomandibular joints stop working properly. This can happen for many reasons and result in chronic ear pain, jaw stiffness and soreness, difficulty opening the mouth, jaw popping or jaw clicking, and neck pain migraine headaches. Sufferers of TMJ pain may experience either sharp pain or a dull, constant ache.

These symptoms can help physicians effectively give TMJ treatment options for sufferers of TMJ pain, based on each patient’s unique needs. General dentists, are typically sought for TMJ diagnosis and care. These health care professionals can provide more information on what causes the condition, how it is treated, and other TMJ topics.

TMJ Symptoms

TMJ syndrome is a condition that occurs when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects the upper and lower jaw is misaligned or stressed. This can cause pain in the jaw, the face, and in extreme cases, can also cause neck pain and shoulder pain. The causes of TMJ syndrome require careful analysis. Once the causes have been determined, there are a multitude of TMJ treatment options available from dentists, including pain relief through the application of mouth guards, bite therapy, and TMJ exercises.

Treatment for TMJ Pain

TMJ treatment, referred to by some dentists as TMJ therapy, includes many options. Some of the options are mouth guards, bite therapy and TMJ exercises. This painful condition of the jaw and neck area can also be alleviated by injecting Botox® into the sight. The tension and pain associated with TMJ is relaxed as a result. The Botox® can be used as a chronic pain treatment to alleviate TMJ headaches and all other pain and discomfort associated with TMJ.

The America Academy of Facial Esthetics offer a exclusive course on using Botox® to alleviate discomfort associated with TMJ and other therapeutic benefits. The course is 8 hours long with live hands on patient training. For more information or to sign up for a course check out our links for our Botox® Therapeutic Course and our Botox® and Dermal Fillers Esthetics Course.