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How to Create a Smile Makover

With today’s availability of smile makeovers you can choose to never feel embarrassed or inhibited by a poor set of teeth. A dental makeover of your smile can straighten teeth, using teeth whitening, bleaching procedures and teeth crowns which can equip you with the ultimate winning smile, seen in the beautiful smiles of all the Hollywood’s stars.

Tooth whitening procedures can act to lighten and brighten your teeth through deep penetrating treatment to your tooth and effectively removing the need for the more temporary and often unsuccessful options found on your available cosmetic store shelves. We can greatly improve our clients smile and appearance by using these options. Oral problems like decaying or chipped teeth as well as shape, size and color are all contributors to a decline in the appearance of teeth and level of effectiveness. Your complete smile makeover can offer you the chance to maximize the health of your mouth, while avoiding some of the more unsightly options available

Using teeth crowns, dental bridges, white fillings and even dental braces or teeth surgery now make achieving a beautiful and symmetrical smile a reality, while strengthening and preventing possible future problems, at a minimum interference to your mouths existing structure and appearance. Today we have added Botox® and dermal fillers into mainstream smile makeovers, in order to complete the makeover to be perfectly symmetrical with any other smile enhancements we may be doing.

With a range of options available to help achieve the dazzling smile you have always dreamed of, it is now possible through your smile dentist to radiate a set of beautiful, bright, healthy and straight looking teeth

Your mouth can receive the best smile makeover attention available with sensitive care and application that leaves you with a natural look and texture for maximum impact and comfort.

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) is the industry leader in providing the most updated and comprehensive training in all facial esthetic fields. We offer two full days of live hand on patient training to teach proper procedures and technique with regards to smile makeovers and other facial esthetics by using Botox® and dermal fillers. For more information about our courses check out our Botox® and Dermal Fillers Training page.