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Facial Esthetics Online Courses

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics offers a comprehensive list of continuing education facial esthetics courses available online and on DVD. These convenient and on-demand and DVD training options allow physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals to expand their understanding of facial esthetics. Sharpen your skills and understanding of the treatments taught at our live patient courses." These courses allow you to learn these techniques at a time that works for you, making them a great supplement to our their nationwide live patient training classes when traditional courses are difficult to work into your schedule. Here is a closer look at the available programs that you can complete at your convenience through on-demand coursework.

On-Demand Courses

On-demand courses are available online to stream when you need them, but are also available on DVD per your preference. For online esthetics courses taught by AAFE’s master instructors, consider the  series options below. Our comprehensive on-demand series include the following programs:

AAFE Technique Series

In this series, Dr. Louis Malcmacher, AAFE’s president, demonstrates techniques for evaluating and adding volume to the mid-face, lower face, and upper face through injection treatment and cheek enhancements. This combination showcases the latest techniques applied by the AAFE, allowing you to improve your techniques and your patient results.
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Botox® & Filler Therapy Series

Botox® (botulinum toxin) and fillers have a place in every practice, and they do much more than just improve the appearance. In this comprehensive series, you will learn how to use these treatments for everything from migraine treatment to basic facial esthetics. Choose just one volume at a time, or purchase complete sets to get the most thorough training possible.

Log in to your account to watch as AAFE masters perform live patient facial esthetic treatments in front of your eyes. View an over-the-shoulder shot as these practitioners perform precision dermal filler treatments and discuss treatment planning and more. Learn from them as they work contouring and reshaping treatments using Botox and other popular fillers.
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Botox® Therapeutics Series

Botox® has many therapeutic uses for facial esthetics professionals, and the Botox® Therapeutics Series will teach you how to incorporate these into your practice. Provide your patients with improved health by treating their orofacial pain and migraines with the benefits of botulinum toxin.

Botox® isn’t just for wrinkle treatment. Botox® injections have many therapeutic uses, including the treatment of orofacial pain and migraines. Learn more about these treatments in this on-demand series, so you can add additional services to your practice.
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Facial Esthetics Master Series

Watch the masters of facial esthetics perform treatments on the Master Series program. These senior faculty members are true experts in their craft, and the videos show over-the-shoulder views of treatments, so you can see them performed on live patients. The high definition quality puts you in the room with the master practitioner, giving you an exceptional learning experience.

One of the most comprehensive esthetician courses available online, the Facial Esthetics Master Series allows you to learn from AAFE’s most talented instructors. This online or DVD program shows you demonstrations on live patients so you can fine-tune your skills. See these masters perform skin care and techniques using botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, and pick up advanced esthetics skills while you learn.
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Frontline Orofacial Pain Injection Series

Listen as Dr. Louis Malcmacher demonstrates the frontline treatments for orofacial pain that you can add to your practice. Using trigger point and Botox techniques, combined with new AAFE protocols with low level laser therapy, you’ll be able to give your patients true relief from these chronic conditions.

AAFE is at the frontline with treating orofacial pain conditions. Log on to this on-demand program to learn the cutting edge treatments esthetics professionals can now use to treat orofacial pain for their patients. From injections to trigger point therapies and more, you will walk away with in-depth training that will help you treat your patients more effectively.
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Practice Management – Botox & Fillers

Teach your staff how to handle the phone calls you receive regarding Botox and fillers with the Practice Management series. Use these techniques to improve patient confidence, increase your scheduling, and learn how to deal with price shoppers.
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Esthetic Practice Strategies

Running a successful esthetics practice requires the right treatment skills, but it also requires business skills. The Esthetic Practice Strategies series will cover marketing, client interaction, documentation and other important business strategies that will help you find success.

And More!

Browse our extensive list of online esthetician courses to find one that fits your practice.


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