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The Four Best PDO Threadlift Treatments That Change Everything With Botox and Fillers - AAFE Free Online Training Facial Esthetics and especially PDO threads are booming in 2021! The 4th quarter is the busiest time of year with injectables, more people are getting out with more disposable income, and they want to look great and feel great now more than ever! AAFE Members have increased their injectables practice up to 48% in the first half 2021 year over year. And it is all because of Botox, Fillers, and PDO Threads! PDO Threads are the fastest growing injectable treatment right now - see what they can do in this brand new free online training!

Whether you are a dentist, physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, physician assistant who is new to injectables or have been using injectables , now is the time to learn new treatment services which lift sagging skin, build long term collagen and elastin, and do so much more. Combine PDO threads with Botox and Dermal Fillers and you will deliver the best esthetic treatment outcomes for your patients and build your dream practice now!

Here are the best PDO thread anatomically based treatments you will ever learn including:
1. Lift jowls and sagging skin with lifting and smooth PDO Threads that support the upper lip lines and smile lines
2. Permanently remove chin fat with these specific PDO threads techniques
3. The most beautiful snatched jawline with the AAFE exclusive PDO threadlift technique
4. Learn the truth about which PDO threads are FDA Cleared Class II and see which is the best to use every time!
5. The best and safest “peanut head” temple and frown lines filler treatment – never use HA dermal fillers again in these areas!
6. Plus we will show you awesome PDO thread cases with Botox and dermal fillers!

Esthetic practices are busier than ever right now with many having their best production months year over year even during the pandemic!
This will change the way you look and treat patients forever!

Register now and PLEASE LOG IN EARLY as this will fill to capacity within the first five minutes!

10/5/20218:00pm EDT1.5 hours

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