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State Legal Summary Guidelines



Here are some additional questions answered in individual states legal summaries:

  • Can a dentist, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant own a medical spa?
  • Can a healthcare professional take a commission for administering injectables?
  • Do I have to be a doctor to own medical spa equipment, like lasers, or real estate?
  • If I’m not a doctor, can I share in the profits of a medical spa?
  • Is a good faith examination needed?
  • What kind of physician supervision is needed for a registered nurse (RN) in a medical spa? 
  • If I’m not a doctor, can I employ a “medical director” to oversee and provide medical services for my medical spa?
  • What procedures in a Medspa constitute medical or dental treatment? 
  • Can a physician assistant practice independently?
  • How many physician assistants can a physician supervise?
  • Can an advanced practice registered nurse practice independently?
  • Is Informed Consent required?
  • Do I need to charge sales tax on procedures like botulinum toxin?
  • Can aestheticians and medical assistants perform microneedling, dermabrasion, Botox®, fillers in your state?
  • Does a medical spa need to obtain a license to operate?
  • Must I follow OSHA regulations?
  • What is HIPAA and does it apply to a Medical Spa or Injectable Practice?
  • Is it legal to purchase drugs like Botox® and fillers from overseas? From Canada, Europe, or Asia?
  • What type of records are medical spas required to keep of their patients? 
  • How long do I have to keep the patient’s records?
  • Can a Medspa text or email patients to convey confidential medical information?
  • Can an injectable practice or Medspa offer discounts through Groupon?
  • What type of insurance does a medical spa need?
  • And More!

This is available only to licensed healthcare professionals who may only purchase the state or states they are licensed in. Upon purchase, the AAFE will verify your information and allow you access to your individual state legal summary of laws and regulations. This process usually takes 1-2 business days. The AAFE reserves the right to verify or cancel purchases at its discretion.

Access to state regulations is good for one year from date of purchase.

Note:  Some questions may not be included in state summaries if answers could not be found.

Answers to medical, nursing, dentistry, compliance, business, regulatory, educational requirements and more provided by attorneys and legal experts as well who have worked with numerous medical spas and injectable practices and AAFE exclusive research, communications, and conversations with regulatory healthcare boards over the last 10 years. The AAFE works with regulatory healthcare boards providing resources and regulatory and industry guidance for best practices and educational standards.  The AAFE regularly consults patient complaint and compliance cases on behalf of individual practitioners and regulatory healthcare boards.  These legal summaries are a resource and you alone are responsible for engaging your own legal counsel concerning your individual practice decisions.

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