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AAFE Perfect Lip Enhancements with Little to No Swelling Double Pass Technique



Here is what you will learn:
1. Learn a very specific technique on how to use one or multiple fillers in the same lips for the best precision step by step lip enhancement techniques based on your patient’s goals. Want more vertical height? Projection? Little or No Swelling? You can do that!
2. Use these best HA dermal fillers for the best esthetic outcomes and reduce or eliminate post op swelling
3. Learn the AAFE exclusive filler syringe stretching protocol that will save you (and your patient) money.
4. The super crisp vermillion border two ways – with dermal filler and with solid filler PDO smooth threads.
5. Patient fees for lip enhancements – the right way and the wrong way – do it the right way!

Whether you are new to injectables or are an experienced injector, join AAFE President Dr. Louis Malcmacher in this virtual training as he takes you through these easy to understand, step by step lip enhancement techniques for the best lip enhancements while reducing post op swelling and patient downtime!