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The Best Facial Esthetic Internal Marketing Techniques

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The Best Facial Esthetic Internal Marketing Techniques – Featuring  Dr. Louis Malcmacher

This program will teach your office with the most effective internal marketing “invertising” techniques to stimulate and motivate your patients to accept more esthetic treatments.   The simple implementation of these ideas will instantly:

  • Do more esthetic  procedures on your existing patients in any economy
  • Get more of the best patients like the ones you have
  • Motivate your patients to accept more comprehensive esthetic treatment
  • Prepare your team to be practice superstars
  • Turn your office into a marketing machine for your esthetic practice for $50 or less
  • List the 4 most crucial office areas to “invertise”
  • Teach you the 2 most important questions to ask patients that will get them asking you for treatment!
  • The bottom line “invertising” principles for success

Published January 2015 and Expires December 2018

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