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AAFE Safe Injection Perfection – New Ways To Manage Vascular Events, Dissolve Fillers, Covid Vaccine & Fillers, Cadaver Anatomy, and More



Here is what you will learn:

  1. Covid vaccine and dermal fillers – BRAND NEW Covid vaccine and fillers specific treatment protocols from the AAFE global injector study including which fillers cause swelling, scheduling vaccine patients for filler treatment, and how to handle these new complications
  2. Preventing and managing vascular occlusions and compression – what you must know NOW before you inject another dermal filler into a patient
  3. Less is now more – see the latest research for LESS hyaluronidase use for all types of dermal fillers – the latest AAFE cadaver lab research will show you how!
  4. Brand New AAFE Cadaver Lab injection anatomy video research which will instantly make you a better and safer injector!
  5. Treating immediate and delayed nodules from dermal filler treatment – flow charts you must have for your practice.
  6. The upper face area you should never use dermal filler – use this instead for a MUCH safer and better result every time!  And More!