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I’m a nurse. How do I become an injector?

By Sydney Gatta, RN

This is an extremely common question that we are often asked. While the aesthetics industry continues to grow at an extremely rapid pace, nurses in healthcare are becoming more and more burnt out at an even faster pace. It’s the combination of these two things that is prompting many nurses to take the plunge into aesthetics. Interest in the field is most often the easy part. The tricky part is actually getting your foot in the door and obtaining a job. The field is booming and it’s so important to be marketable in the industry. Whenever I am asked about the best way to get in, my answer is always education. Unfortunately, like many continuing education classes, injectable courses can be time consuming and pricey. However, in my opinion they are the golden ticket into the world of aesthetics. This isn’t to say that once you are certified, you’ll immediately land your perfect dream job. Of course, a job in this field takes much more, but I feel that injectable certifications are key. In taking these courses, you leave with so much more than just knowledge. You gain valuable hands-on experience, treatment planning expertise, and the opportunity to network with so many well-known injectors in the industry. All of this to say, if you’re interested in this every-growing and exciting world of aesthetics, get AAFE trained today!


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