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Stop Treating Bruxism Until You Measure It

Occlusion/Bruxism/Dental Sleep Medicine Monitoring for Every Dental Practice

 You can’t treat what you don’t measure.  Would you treat periodontal disease without a probe?  1 in 3 of your patients have destructive bruxism and it is one of the most common dental diseases.  It is the only dental pathology that is not measured as part of its treatment.  We now have affordable technology available for every dental practice to objectively measure bruxism, occlusal forces, and bruxism sleep disorders.  This data will then  drive proper treatment planning for every esthetic, implant or restorative treatment for long term treatment success.  Treatment effectiveness can be measured allowing the dental professional to properly adjust and titrate treatment for the best prognosis and therapeutic outcomes.  These practical concepts will enable you to offer new dental services immediately, reduce your stress, significantly increase your production, substantially lower your overhead, and give you the dental practice of tomorrow today!

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