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Las Vegas, NV – Dec. 12 – Applied 3D Injection Anatomy Cadaver Course

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Since its inception over 12 years ago, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE has taught a single underlying principle – Anatomy is the key to success to outstanding non-surgical injectable therapy.  Know your facial anatomy and you know facial esthetics.

This facial anatomy cadaver and live demonstration course will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in professional injectable education.  Simply put, this course is absolutely amazing and you will understand facial anatomy like never before!

AAFE injection anatomy is so much different than anatomy you have ever learned before.  AAFE injection anatomy deals first with each anatomical structure and then even more importantly, knowing the depths of each structure, when the vasculature is deep, shallow, where it transitions in relation to the muscles, the facial fat pads, where the neurovascular bundles are, and so much more.

This private, intimate immersion course will feature anatomical cadaver dissection, lecture and live facial injections by Dr. Jonathan Sykes.  Together with on-demand AAFE Injection Anatomy training, this 10 hour continuing education course is guaranteed to make you a better and safer injector provider so you get the best esthetic outcomes for your patients.

Date:  Saturday, Dec. 12, 8:30 AM - 5PM

Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Advantages to AAFE Training Courses

  • Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your office or home with the on-demand Prepare Module
  • Your entire team can now easily be trained with no out of office downtime
  • Save thousands of dollars on travel and lost production time
  • Exquisite on-demand education with HD quality video demonstrations
  • The most comprehensive esthetic and therapeutic education available
  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to other facial injectable training courses
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