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Cleveland, OH – Aug. 28 – Master Eyes and Esthetic Vision 2020

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Master Esthetic Eyes Live Patient Training Course Course

Come to the AAFE #1 Master Esthetic Eyes Live Patient Training Course!

This Is The Most Comprehensive Master Esthetic Eyes Training Course Available!

This Master Esthetic Eyes course is for those who have some experience with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers who want to learn the latest techniques in creating a beautiful midface including the lid-cheek junction, under eye, eyebrows and achieve the best esthetic outcomes for facial esthetics in the middle and upper third of the face. This AAFE course will cover the use of injectables all around the eye to create the best esthetic outcomes.

Master Esthetic Eyes treatment techniques will include the exclusive AAFE protocols for micro-botulinum toxin for the midface and upper face areas including all around the eye, esthetic eyebrow lift, eyebrow shaping, Dermal Fillers and Solid Filler PDO Threads for Midface Volumization, Restoring the Lid Cheek Junction and Volumizing the Tear Trough with dermal fillers, solid filler PDO threads, micro-botulinum toxin and micro-cannulas, Total Esthetic Eye Treatment, and much more!

Come and learn the latest AAFE exclusive techniques for using botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, and solid filler PDO threadlifts for creating 3D esthetic eyes that your patients will love!

Prerequisite for this course – AAFE Level I Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Course or equivalent

Date:  Friday – Aug. 28, 2020      10 CE hours

This course is strictly limited to 10 attendees.  This will fill to capacity very quickly, please register as soon as possible.

As with other AAFE courses, it is best to bring your own patient.  Attendees can bring their own injectable products if they desire.

Advantages to AAFE Training Courses

  • Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your office or home with the on-demand Prepare Module
  • Your entire team can now easily be trained with no out of office downtime
  • Save thousands of dollars on travel and lost production time
  • Exquisite on-demand education with HD quality video demonstrations
  • The most comprehensive esthetic and therapeutic education available
  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to other facial injectable training courses
  • Complete your training at the AAFE live patient training sessions

The AAFE Esthetic Vision 2020 is unlike any conference program you have ever attended.  Why waste your time sitting in lectures and short demonstration for hours on end just for the very few clinical and business tips?  Register now and come to the AAFE Esthetic Vision 2020 and learn new skills, techniques, digital marketing, and treatments that you can take back to your practice immediately and start on Monday morning!

AAFE Esthetic Vision 2020 is the best live patient, clinical, business and technology training designed for those professionals who want to expand their existing practices and want to open new esthetic practices.  Enjoy networking with your favorite AAFE Faculty members and learn their secrets as master injectors how to get the best esthetic outcomes for your patients and how to explode your practice with social media, digital marketing and more!

Live Training Sessions Include:

  • Solid Filler Smooth PDO Threads For Step Ladder Necks
  • Solid Filler Smooth PDO Threads For Cheeks, Acne Scars
  • Meso Botulinum Toxin – Toxin Lip Flip and Fine Lines Treatment
  • Cadaver Lab – Place Solid Filler Lifting PDO Threads and Injection Anatomy Hands On

Live Demonstrations Include:

  • American Lips Vs. Russian Lips – AAFE Faculty Demonstration
  • Medical Device Exhibitor Demonstrations
  • Skincare Demonstrations
  • And More!
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