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Welcome to the #1 Dental Sleep Power Practice Building Program. Bruxism and sleep apnea courses for dentists are available on demand.

What to Expect in this Dental Sleep Medicine Course

  • Complete Dental Sleep Office Program
  • Full comprehensive training on-demand course for dentists and entire team training
  • Step by step implementation process so you can get started immediately
  • Save thousands of dollars on travel and lost production time for your entire management and clinical team
  • The only dental sleep medicine course that establishes the dentist as a primary treatment provider
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars on dental sleep apnea training with AAFE compared to other sleep equipment, marketing, or mastermind programs
  • Join the fast growing list of AAFE members producing $80,000 a month in oral appliances

Through the sleep apnea dental course, the AAFE will teach you what tools are really necessary for frontline dental sleep medicine and bruxism treatment. The AAFE will show you a step by step process that will get you started immediately in the area of dental sleep medicine treatment and clinical practice, bruxism treatment, and billing medical insurance. Other dental sleep courses will try to sell you tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary equipment and software – don’t spend a penny on anything until you have taken the AAFE sleep apnea course for dentists!As a result of this dental sleep medicine course, attendees and their teams can expect to have a sound understanding and the steps required to successfully practice and treat frontline dental sleep medicine and bruxism and understand the process necessary to get paid by medical insurance. In depth dental sleep apnea training, including proper patient evaluation, airway diagnostics, where bruxism comes from, choosing the right bruxism appliances for muscle or joint pain, using and understanding home sleep/bruxism monitor for less than $20 a test, proper bite registrations and choosing the right oral appliance for clinical dental sleep medicine.

At the completion of this bruxism and dental sleep apnea course, attendees will be able to:

  • List the most important, new, innovative, and potentially useful concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of bruxism and dental sleep medicine
  • Perform a proper and thorough examination and develop a proper treatment plan
  • Identify whether a patient is a good candidate for the different treatment options for oral appliance therapy for OSA, bruxism and orofacial pain
  • Integrate the #1 complete dental sleep apnea training into every dental practice for years to come

Register online to attend dental sleep medicine courses or contact us by phone at 888-543-2348 to become an AAFE member.

What the Frontline Dental Sleep Medicine Course Covers

This bruxism therapy and sleep apnea dental course covers all you need to know to get started practicing this therapy with your patients.

  • The complete dependence and interrelationship between OSA/bruxism/orofacial pain that you must know before you make any oral or bruxism appliance for a patient. This is the missing link only taught at this AAFE sleep apnea course for dentists!
  • Where sleep mechanics and dentistry intersect as it relates to every dental clinician
  • How to quickly identify and diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients in your practice
  • Learn how to accomplish a comprehensive patient medical history, screening, examination and evaluation for OSA, bruxism, and orofacial pain
  • In depth head and neck anatomy instruction as it relates to bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Choosing and using the ideal home sleep and bruxism monitor for your practice
  • Learn to evaluate bruxism and sleep studies as the patient’s primary healthcare provider
  • Understand the simple AAFE oral appliance classifications for OSA/bruxism
  • It is all about the bite – hands-on in choosing the right bite for oral appliance therapy
  • The AAFE protocols for choosing the right oral appliances for each patient whether it is for clenching, bruxism, occlusal disease, restorative dentistry, implants, or sleep apnea
  • Are all laboratories the same in making oral appliances? Absolutely not!
  • When bruxism and oral appliances are essential and when they are detrimental to health
  • Understand the use of chemotherapeutics such as lidocaine and botulinum toxin for simple and effective pain management, differential diagnosis and allowing patients to adapt and be comfortable with oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.
  • How to integrate these services into your clinical practice immediately
  • Marketing dental sleep medicine to patients and physicians
  • AAFE dental sleep medicine courses provide training equal to and often exceeding sleep apnea courses for doctors and dentists that are taught in academic communities around the world over the last 5 decades.

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