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Medspa Business Academy (MBA) Course

For almost a decade the AAFE has been the leader in providing world class certified injectable training for dental and esthetic professionals.   While technique, safety and consistent results have always been at the forefront of our courses, AAFE training attendees have consistently asked for help with the creation, development and implementation of proven business, marketing and compliance practices to turn their training into successful, sustainable businesses.

The medical spa industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the US economy.  With this growth comes increased competition, complicated regulations and the need for implementation of established business best practices.

At AAFE, we understand both the incredible opportunity as well as the challenge.  And we are here to help ensure your success in this exciting and growing field.

Welcome to the AAFE Medical Business Academy, MBA. The AAFE has created a (the only) unique Medspa / esthetic integrated training experience that combines BOTH best in class on-demand and live business training.  This training experience is designed for anyone thinking of entering the medical esthetic field or who has an existing medspa/ injectable practice and seeking to turn their passion and training into a successful, sustainable thriving business.   In many states, anyone can own and build a successful medical spa as long as you know the proper way to do this legally, understand how to navigate the regulatory apparatus, have the desire to build an amazing team, and the willingness to apply these well-established proven business principles to create and build a highly successful medical spa business.

This course is proven to help you Create, Grow, and Expand A Successful Injectable Practice and Medspa Business with by applying this unique combination of technical and business training. The AAFE Medspa Business Academy™is your opportunity to turn your dreams of owning your medspa / injectable practice into reality.  THE RIGHT WAY!

We have brought together the top experts in the business, legal, accounting, compliance and practice management of medical spas and medical esthetics – There is no other training like this anywhere!  Our experienced faculty have hundreds of years of combined experience in the areas of your business that WILL make a difference in the BOTTOM LINE by helping you avoid costly mistakes and reduce the time it takes to achieve profitability.

AAFE Medspa Business Academy™(MBA) course is the leading and most intensive training course for medical and non-medical executives covering the best business, legal, regulatory, and compliance practices in the medical esthetic and medical spa industry.

These one-day MBA events are for those that want to:

  • Start a new Injectable Practice / Medspa as an independent business
  • Transform part of your existing practice into a Medspa
  • Transform all your existing practice into a Medspa
  • Create multiple recurring revenues for your practice
  • Build a new self-sustaining practice and revenue stream
  • Find financial independence in a practice you will love
  • Learn from real world AAFE faculty who have built successful Injectable Practices and Medspas, as well as top industry experts comprised of specialty healthcare attorneys, world renown consultants, marketing, social media, and product experts.

Learn from real world AAFE faculty who have built successful Injectable Practices and Medspas, as well as top industry experts comprised of specialty healthcare attorneys, world renown consultants, marketing, social media, and product experts.

Faculty members include:

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Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Topics

  • Rules and regulations affecting the medical spa, esthetic and laser industries.
  • Business structure – what kind of corporation is best, and the legal ramifications.
  • Understand the scope of practice, delegation rules and who can legally perform what treatments.
  • Does HIPPA apply to a medical spa?
  • What can you advertise legally?
  • Compensation: commissions – is this fee splitting?
  • Dealing with difficult patients in person and online – learn how to protect yourself and your practice.
  • Employee law, what are your rights, what are your employee’s rights.
  • Non-competition/Non-solicitation agreements – Protect your practice and create loyal employees.

The Business of Best Practices

  • How to develop an achievable business plan.
  • Learn how to create and build YOUR brand.
  • How to have a great event!
  • The key to success – the game plan to attract, hire, compensate and lead an exceptional team.
  • How to do a great consultation: getting patients to say “YES” to esthetic treatment.
  • Capital equipment – making the right choices for your practice.
  • Selling yourself versus selling price, Competing with Groupon.

Growing Your Medical Spa – What You Need To Know and Do Now

  • Botoxonomics  – know your numbers – what are your key indicators that are important?
  • Proven highly effective digital marketing strategies through Instagram and Facebook.
  • Powerful new patient acquisition programs for your practice.
  • Using loyalty programs to keep your patients.
  • What services are the most profitable and what should you stay away from?
  • How digital marketing can help you find, serve & keep more patients.. profitably!

Anatomy of a successful medical spa

    • How to identify your target audience and know your demographics.
    • Distinguish yourself from the competition.
    • Show me the money: increase your cash flow! Drivers for top-line revenue and bottom-line profit.
    • Key result areas in treatment options, retail sales, and expense control.
    • Why ‘bundling’ makes a BIG bottom line difference!
    • Keep more of what you make: best practices in corporate structure, tax reduction, and benefit planning for medical spas and esthetic practices.
1 Course Schedule (Schedule may vary by location)

All topics, faculty, schedules, and agendas vary by location. This information can be found on the individual registration pages for each course date.

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