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Emergency Department to Medical Esthetics – Making the Leap

By Megan Lynn Riedy, BSN, RN

A career in the Emergency Department both as a nurse and in management was a wonderful experience and anyone who has worked in that department has experienced the highs and lows of the department. Getting to meet new patients every day, touching a life for the better; the challenges of intricate, complicated, multi factorial problems to solve; and wonderful coworkers made the time spent in ED so rewarding. However, the difficulties: call offs requiring staff adjustments; shortages of supplies, medications and security; treatment rooms filled to capacity;  overfilled waiting rooms and patients who refused medically necessary treatments, all contributed to my decision that the time had come to venture into another area of  my medical career.

As an injector, I am able to look at each patient as a new opportunity to make a positive impact on a life. For many people, they can only feel as good as they perceive they look. The positive emotions that surface from a lifted, more youthful appearance are magical. We look at each patient’s unique anatomy, and determine a specific plan of what will be most effective, all the while maintaining the critical thinking required to insure none of the negative outcomes. The face and all of its structures are so interconnected, every single injection must be strategically placed. Every face is unique and requires its own specialized care plan. Due to these factors I never have a shortage of critical thinking decision moments.

This industry has endless opportunities. New procedures are constantly being developed and best practice standards are constantly changing. The aura within the esthetics office is vastly different than the Emergency Department. Our patients often cry tears of joy. Huge smiles and grateful hearts are never in short supply when your patients love the way they look and feel.

My decision to make the leap into a new field was filled with hard to answer questions in my mind, but it has proved to be the most rewarding decisions I have made.

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