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Continuing Education for Nurses

By Megan Lynn Riedy, BSN, RN

Hey there nurses!! Have you ever wondered where other nurses learned about medical esthetics? Have you wondered how they ever got the skills of Botox or lip filler injections? Or, have you even wondered how your peers keep getting all of their CE’s each year. State nursing boards require continuing education for us nurses. For instance in Ohio, to renew a state RN license the RN must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education every two years. What if you could complete these requirements learning a fun new skill?!? Finding a certified training course which has worked with the state board to achieve the requirements needed for CEs sure is the way to go. AAFE offers courses which could get you a minimum of 19.5 hours and many more with further course. With this training you would be trained and certified to treat patients needing or requesting cosmetic and therapeutic botox as well as filler. Yes that’s right you an RN can get CEs by learning how to make your friends lips full and beautiful. Who knew CEs could be so fun. Don’t smile too hard reading this. Carful though, smiling too hard while reading this could cause you need to seek out some more botox sooner than you planned 😉.

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