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Success With No Capital Investment

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Success With No Capital Investment TPD Spring 2016

Roadmap to Practice Success With No Capital Investment

One of the amazing things about the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) is the opportunity to have a large membership which has been trained on specific skills-based procedures. Over time, there are opportunities to survey this membership that has successfully integrated these procedures into their practice. We can then measure the impact these specific procedures have had on the economics as well as the therapeutic outcomes for their patients. The AAFE teaches the areas of facial esthetics, facial pain, bruxism and dental sleep medicine. All of these areas are interrelated and are part of the AAFE circle of treatment. What’s interesting to note is when you think about it, in every dental practice, patients come in regarding specific needs and treatment in at least one of these areas. Because all of these areas are interrelated, once the patient comes in at their specific touch point, they then come in to the entire circle and are evaluated in all three areas.

Simply put, all patients (and all dentists who are also patients) want to look great, feel great and sleep great. Everyone knows that if you don’t sleep great, you don’t look or feel great. If you don’t feel great, you typically don’t sleep very well and you certainly don’t look very good. If you don’t look very good, then most of the time you don’t feel well either. You can literally look at a patient’s face and get a very good idea as to how they sleep and how they feel. This knowledge requires training and dentists quickly learn how completely interrelated they really are.

Once AAFE members are trained in these areas, then it falls to each practitioner to begin integrating these procedures into their offices as soon as possible. Because these procedures are skills members already use and don’t require any kind of capital investment, it is very easy to integrate these new procedures into any dental practice immediately. There will never be new technology to buy or any continuing upgrade costs because these are skills that dentists will have for the rest of their career.

Now let’s get to an AAFE survey membership. These new integrated procedures into AAFE member officers included botulinum toxin (like Botox/Xeomin), dermal fillers, trigger point therapy for TMJ/orofacial pain therapy, bruxism monitoring, and oral appliances for dental sleep medicine. It is important to note that these offices like most dental offices had the capacity to add new patients to

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