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Simple Social Media

By admin March 5, 2013

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking at the title of this article, many of you will probably think that this is another article about Facebook or Twitter. Let me talk about a more basic social media experience. Social media does not just occur on the internet – it also occurs right in your office every single day in front of your patients who are already there. This is just as important as any internet social media – probably even more so since you are interfacing with real live people every single day.
The whole point of social media is connecting and interacting with your patients. There are a number of ways you can do this, but I am going to give you one surefire and simple method all of you can partake in immediately. Your patients want to know more about you. Yes, they know you are a dentist, but that’s about it. The social media that I am talking about is a simple and effective way for your patients to instantly connect with you, and give you an opening to find some similar ground to build a connection that will result in a lifelong relationship.

Doctors love to have a private office and many times will fill their private office with all sorts of personal knickknacks, memorabilia, family photos, and diplomas. How about if you put these items in the reception area or operatory walls? Let your patients know you are a family person and have children. That instantly gives them something to talk to you about to start establishing that connection. If you love golf, there are lots of golfers in your office who would love to talk golf. Your private office is the last place patients are going to see these things – put them somewhere that people will see them!

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