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As of June 2015, dentists have to either be opted in or opted out of Medicare

By admin August 1, 2014

AAFE Alert! As of June 2015, dentists have to either be opted in or opted out of Medicare if you prescribe medications to Medicare patients. Before you make this very important decision, you need to decide if you will bill Medicare for bruxism and dental sleep medicine oral appliances. The wrong decision will lock you out […]

The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Dentistry

By admin July 8, 2014

By Dr. Louis Malcmacher Wednesday, May 07, 2014 9:00 AM There are over 49 million people with Medicare in this country. There are approximately 249 million people with medical insurance. Through the Affordable Care Act, millions more are signing up for medical insurance. This represents many more patients than have dental insurance.  So let me ask you […]

Medical Insurance in Dentistry

By admin April 3, 2014

You Can Bill Medical Insurance!  Perhaps the biggest missed opportunity in dentistry is going to surprise you. This has been available to dental professionals for quite some time and I would say that most of you reading this column have never realized what this can positively do for your practice. By the way, this opportunity […]

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