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WHAT FOLKS ARE SAYING ABOUT AAFE’S Frontline Dental Sleep Medicine Course:
“Great course on dental sleep medicine.  Now I know how to proceed and how to bill medical insurance, thank you!”
– Dr. Jeffrey Montgomery
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Benjamin Hodges, DMD
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am very interested in taking the next one. Excited to start practicing my new skills. I will recommend it to all of my colleagues!”
Teresa Esker, DMD
“Course was very informative. Speakers were very knowledgeable and helpful. The atmosphere was very friendly and conducive to learning. Very well organized and interesting! Can’t wait to use it in the office! Thanks for all your help and advice!”
Jason McGibony, DMD
“Well done, extremely thorough and staff instructors were excellent!”
Lisa Batastini, Pharmacist/Lawyer
“Outstanding great course. Focused and concise, great hands-on mentoring and instruction. Exceeded expectations, it ran smoothly and the techniques were mentored extremely well”.
Stephen Glawson, DMD
“Best course I’ve taken in 17 years. Friendly staff, and instructor made it a joy!”
Ahmad Zand, DDS
"I just took the level three course. It was awesome. There is so much exciting material to learn and you always walk away with the feeling that you can't wait to get back to work to begin."
Neal Vallins, DDS
New York
“One of my favorite courses! I was very impressed with how thorough the OnDemand coursework was. It’s very practical and I am now able to implement right away!”
Niki Cochran, DDS
“I learned everything I needed and more. Thank you for an exceptionally well organized and taught out course.”
Dr. Rasta Raoofi, DDS
“Course was excellent and I achieved my overall goals. Very valuable, excellent instruction. Refreshing to be able to ask questions and get answers. I would highly recommend the course. So happy to have invested in this class! Thanks!”
Dr. Kristy Roberts Rowe, DDS
“Excellent. Very helpful. Easy to follow and Friendly. Best course for a physician who want to start this service in their practice. Felt so confident at the end of the day, format was easy to follow and very helpful. Had fun!”
Dr. Ilesh Kurani, MD
“The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and supportive for both the Botox and dermal filler courses.”
Dr. Matthew Hamedani, DDS
“The instructor was so caring and kind to walk through all the procedures. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you.”
Hyoseon Lee, DDS
"The instructor was very thorough, patient, and fun to work with. It was a great course!”
Dr. Seung Kim, DDS
“Another Home Run. Can’t wait for Level 3”
Dr. Robert Monteagudo, DDS
West Allies, Wisconsin
“One of the best courses as far as information, technique, and comfort teaching.”
Dr. Stephen Giordano, DDS
Valley Cottage
“My instructor was a fantastic mentor, and lecturer. I had a wonderful time at both courses and look forward to further and more extensive treatment courses.”
Dr. Ariel Cohen, DDS
"The instructor was great and constantly kept us engaged. He was clear and thorough. I really enjoyed myself and learned a tremendous amount!”
Tsivia Boim, NP
Cedar Hurst

"I do a lot of cosmetic dentistry, and am looking forward to incorporate the facial esthetics into my practice. Very impressed with the American academy of Facial Esthetics, and I am looking forward to the advanced course."

Dr. San Ayoub
San Francisco, CA

"I loved the course! It was very essential for cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes! I would recommend to anyone, thank you!"

Dr. Alice Barky
Santa Monica, CA

"Having just attended the first Level III course, I can tell you that it was extreamly valuable for me. What I learned I will put to use first thing Monday morning. What I find for my practice is that my patients are really impressed with the fact that I am a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and it sets me up above everybody else in the health care profession, physicians and dentists being an accredited member of an association that is recognized by all the state boards. I feel that it is a tremendous value to be a member it sets me up to be a better practitioner."

Dr. James Jesse
Colton, CA

"I loved this course!

Sarah Fabozzi, DMD
Chino Hills, CA

"Excellent course! Enjoyed the intimate lecture and one on one hands-on training with Dr. Jesse. Very impressed with the facility and the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Will definitely be attending a Level II course!"

Bridget Ryan, Team Member
Del Mar, CA

"What a fantastic course. Dr. Jesse went out of his way to help and be involved. The staff were so available to all of our needs and questions. Great job!"

Cindy Smithey, Team Member
Del Mar, CA

"Have had many courses in this subject. This was the most comprehensive and in depth review and instruction of this subject I have ever had. Best ever! Exciting and informative."

Mark A. Rutley, DDS
Del Mar, CA

"Really liked the one to one instruction to really get attention to teach us well. As well as the ability to observe close-up."

Manny Fernandez, DDS
Woodland Hills, CA

"I enjoyed the course. I felt that the level of teaching was very high and we learned what we can put into our practice right away!"

Jennifer Sibaja, Team member
Vista, CA

"Very educational course. I was glad to have hands-on with models and the instructors were very helpful!"

Michael Tseng, DDS
Burlingame, CA

"Great course! Hands-on part makes all the difference!"

Igor Ochev, DDS
San Rafael, CA

"The course was very detailed and clearly understandable. Great instruction!"

Linda Ford, Team Member
Santa Rosa, CA

"Fabulous course. Hands-on is the best part!"

Kimberly Hubenette, DDS
Santa Rosa, CA

"Sensational faculty! Very patient and helpful. See you in Level II!"

Ken Lee, DDS
Sherman Oaks, CA

"After many years of being dedicated to the improvement of my patients' mouths, I always felt something lacked. I was so excited to take this course! I can now offer to place an ESTHETIC frame around the mouth! My patients say, "Doc, I look and even feel YOUNGER"! Thank you American Academy of Facial Esthetics for this wonderful and promising course. You have all helped me create SMILES everyone dreams of!"

Carolina McCoy, DDS
Ventura, CA

"The missing link to my esthetic practice was being able to diagnose or perform some of these soft tissue augmentations to help balance and improve the esthetics of my patients. This course was amazing, it was exactly what I needed in my practice after so many years. The instructors were well qualified, very thorough in their material coverage. I was very happy with the results, and my competency following the hands on portion. I am looking forward to the next levels of this course."

Dr. Laurence Rifkin
Beverly Hills, CA

"This course was very well organized they put together a great program. I know that I can go back to my office on Monday and I will be able to implement these procedures and techniques immediately. I would highly recommend that you bring your team members with you so that they can understand what it is that your trying to do.

Dr. John Buzza
Santa Rosa, CA

"My practice is generally orthodontics, TMJ and general dentistry, and I have found this course to be extremely helpful on all levels. The course was very clear and very informative, everyone has been very knowledgeable. I have gotten a tremendous amount out of this course and look forward to implementing this into my practice."

Dr. David Arnold
Arnold, CA

"The course was awesome. The instructors were superb, and I think it will be a great addition to my practice."

Dr. Vic Derbalian
Tarzana, CA
“This is a comprehensive instructional program. They are great instructors and have complete training materials to give the students confidence in different techniques and getting your office prepared for an exciting new service.”
Mitch Turk, DDS
Los Angeles, CA

"I recently attended Dr. Malcmacher's Botox and Dermal Filler course. It was the best CE course I have ever taken! The format, length, hands on instruction and take home materials were some of the aspects that made this course so helpful. All the instructors brought professional experience and knowledge from a slightly different background. I achieved great results on the patient I treated and look forward to incorporating these new services into my practice."

Rachel Deal, DDS
Greenbrier, AR

"If you are looking to add something to your practice, I would highly suggest going through the different levels with the AAFE. Every course that I have taken I just learn something new and go back home and provide it for my patients whether it is cosmetically, or therapeutically. I have just seen amazing results and it is so much fun! I benefit being a member of the AAFE through the website, the forums that we get to access on a daily basis where we have access to the expert faculty with questions or concerns. It is really a no brainer to get started in this any rookie can begin treating patients after level I. You can see the wonderful results and share them with their faculty and colleagues, you have a lot of support. This is really a lot of fun! I look forward to furthering my education with the AAFE."

Dr. J. Anthony Smith
Conway, AR

"I thought it was a wonderful course! Brought my sister, she came with some wrinkles and no lips and she is leaving a beautiful woman!"

Dr. Joseph Scarbrough
Searcy, AR

"Great Course. Very personalized and instruction also very specific. This course has helped me deliver exceptional care to my patients and beauty as well. Highly recommended!"

Annabelle Letigio-Carpio, DMD
Cebu, Philippines

"Thank you Dr. Malcmacher for a very informative and thorough program. I attended your course in Chicago where I learned the ins and outs of using Botox and Fillers. Dr. Feck, our coordinator for the 2 day programs, was a very informed and experienced practitioner. He, very generously and with great care, showed our group how to succeed in using Botox and Fillers on our patients. I recommend anyone who is interested in this growing field to consider this program."

Dr. Hooman Golestani
Perth, Western Australia

"I thought the course was fantastic! The instructors were very informative and I highly recommend this course to any dentist."

Dr. Henry Teow
Melbourne, Australia

"I loved this course! I can

Dr. Jacques Hajjar
Beirut, Lebanon

"I have never attended such a invaluable course. It was the best hands-on course in my lifetime! Thank you so much for everything. The course was amazing, I have learned what I haven

Ahmed Al-Mashhadani, MFDS, RCPS
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Dear Dr. Malcmacher, I am a Dentist and my practice is in Barbados, and I made the journey to learn more about Facial aesthetics. Your faculty was EXCELLENT!!! I was totally satisfied and it was a pleasure to know that there are still some courses that deliver what they promise. I have done many courses and it is such a daunting experience to travel from this distance and it is disappointing when the course does not deliver anything. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics course delivers so much more than what I thought. I have joined the AAFE membership and with this I plan to move from strength. I also plan to do Level II course in August. See you then!"

Dr. David Pilgrim BSc, DDS, MFDS, RCSED
West Indies, Barbados
"Dear colleagues,  I recently attended the AAFE course in Baltimore and It was wonderfully organized. In the past I attended other courses in other states, but they were less comprehensive than your course. I also heard about your forum and decided to become a member. I'm a physician and I practice medicine in the Island of Cyprus. The course was perfect! I will attend Level II, that's for sure."
Silvia Lazaridou, MD
Nicosia, Cyprus

"The best CE course I have had in my long academic life."

Marcia Pisani, DDS
Salvador, Brazil

"I bought your DVD on Botox and Dermal Fillers for Total Facial Esthetics - it was brilliant and very useful - -this area of my practice is fun and really taking off

Dr. Andrew Thompson
Halifax, NS

"It was an excellent and informative course. It answered a lot of questions I had about Botox. I look forward to incorporating this into my office soon."

Dr. Andrew Simic
Cobourg, ON

"The course was excellent, I have been treating TMB patients for over 25 years, and this is a good compliment to what I offer my patients."

Dr. Jean-Guy Violette
Fredericton, NB

"We loved the course. We learned a lot and we encourage everyone to take it. We look forward to taking the Level II."

Drs. Oleg and Olena Klipitch
Toronto, ON

"This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I learned a lot about Botox and Dermal Fillers. I look forward to using this in my office tomorrow morning."

Dr. Kevin Ansarian
Toronto, ON
"It’s a fantastic course. I learned new clinical information to treat our patients and give them the very best in esthetics."
Dr. Steven Hambly
Ancaster, ON

"A great, well taught course. The material was very easy to grasp and understand.

Dr. Paulette Pillersdorf
Unionville, ON

"The course was very informative. It was first time taking a course on something outside the mouth. It was very interesting and I look forward to bringing this back to my office."

Dr. Sydney Reyes
Toronto, ON

"Thank you for offering course content that's hard to find!"

Ricardo Solis, DMD
Innisfil, ON

"Everyone did a great job. Exceeded my expectations. Support staff was fantastic! Jim and Louis are great instructors and I will take more courses offered by them."

Mark McCullough, DDS
Ottawa, ON

"This course was phenomenal, I highly recommend it to anyone. The teaching staff was very knowledgeable, very friendly, the class wasn

Dr. Chul Kim
Toronto, ON

"Fascinating hands on course with lots of information for the GP. My crew found the course a refreshing change and we hope to incorporate the ideas into our practice. The instructors were very passionate about the subject matter and genuinely helpful and interested for the hands-on component."

Adam Tan, DMD, FAGD
Orillia, ON

"A HUGE shout out to the Faculty of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics for doing an amazing job at the course I attended. I am so excited to incorporate the techniques we learned into my practice. THANK YOU, for a fantastic job. My assistant, Kelly, is sooooo happy with her results that she cried!"

JoAnn Martens, DDS
Waunakee, WI

"My husband and I both attended the course and I really loved it! I was excited and curious to get as much information possible. Definitely refreshing and fun! We are going to sign up for the second level by the end of this year. Can't wait to see and learn more! Not a single moment of this class was boring or dull."

Dr. Natalija Aust
Rice Lake, WI

"Very informative, upbeat, positive and valuable. Great instructor!"

Stuart McCormick, DDS
Madison, WI

"This course was amazing.

Tiffany Smalkoski, DDS
Racine, WI

"The course on Botox and dermal fillers was fantastic! It was a great learning experience; it was more hands-on than any other course I have ever attended, which made it an even better learning experience. I would highly recommend this course as one of the top Botox and dermal filler courses out there! This is a top course that you have to take!"

Dr. Bruce Casiss
Fayetteville, WV

I did not know what to expect from this course going in because as a dentist, I wasn't sure if botox treatment should be considered within our scope of treatment. Dr. Malcmacher and the American Academy of Facial Esthetics who was concise and enthusiastic made me realize that botox treatment is indeed within our scope of treatment and is a valuable esthetic service that we can provide for our patients. The didactic and the hands on portions of the class were well presented and I feel very confident about providing this treatment to my patients after this course. Looking forward to the advanced level botox course.

Dr. Mike Kim
Seattle, WA

Great course! I learned a lot and I think it was great to learn from a dentist who is trained in it and who knows a lot about it. He takes from a good approach and how we can use it in our practice and how we can apply the techniques.

Dr. Andrew Atwood
Bellevue, WA

It is a wonderful course. Taking this course from a dentist that knows dental information and applies some of the techniques we as dentists already use. It makes a huge difference. I learned more here than taking it from any MD. I highly recommend it.

Dr. James Telloian
Olympia, WA

Dr. Louis Malcmacher brings enthusiasm and joy to the profession as he teaches dentists facial esthetics. We need to treat the 'outside the mouth' as well as inside.

Dr. Wendy Spektor

This class was incredible! I am really excited to add this to my practice. The subject was very well presented and the hands-on experience was excellent.

Dr. Kirk Peterson
Bothell, WA

This was a amazing course! I'm ready to do these procedures in my office tomorrow. Thanks for a great course! I really wish there was a third day!

Dr. Joel Mickelwait

The Botox and Dermal fillers course was concise and focused on pertinent information to deliver these services to my patients. I already had a patient scheduled the very next day after the course requesting treatment, that otherwise I could not have offered. Dr. Malcmacher is a great speaker and knows how to deliver the material and the hands-on live patient workshop was terrific!

Ajay Dhankhar BDS DDS MaCCS
Issaquah, WA

I took the dermal filler course and I loved the application phase of the course and the immediate results in the patients that were treated.

Dr. Jefferey Bond

It was a great class! Great instructors and a lot of fun.

Dr. Joanne Banero,
Seattle, WA

The class was fantastic! I would encourage anyone and everyone who would like to do the total meal deal for their patients. The class was informative and easy to learn, you can implement it on Monday.

Dr. Kim Okamura
Seattle, WA

I just took the level II course and I came out with wonderful pearls that I am so excited to implement into my practice. I highly highly recommend it.

Dr. Kim Okamura

I had a great experience, I feel like I got a whole new level of information to add to the level I course I took. I feel like I have more good tools to take back to my office.

Dr. James Telloian
Olympia, WA

The course was great, very inspiring. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Dr. Joanne Bannerot
Kent, WA

It is the most dynamic, no-nonsense, down to the nuts-and-bolts of practical implementation seminar I have attended. Thank you! Best wishes!

Val Beliy, DMD

"I absolutely loved the course. I went right home and ordered materials.

Dr. Phil Hudson
Spokane, WA

If there's ever been a course that you can learn a skill on the weekend and provide treatment on Monday, this is it! With detailed and enthusiastic instruction from Dr. Krever and company, I gained tremendous confidence in delivering Botox and Juvederm. I've already "Wowed" four patients this week and it's not even Thursday!! Thank you!!

Dr. Curt Crowder
Charlottesville, VA

The courses were fantastic. I look forward to providing these services to my patients. I learned a lot and feel very comfortable with the procedure now. I highly recommend this course! You

Dr. Eric Capps,
Fairfax, VA

I was interested in Botox application, so I took the course today, it was a great experience and my patients will benefit from this product. I encourage everyone to take it.

Dr. Hamid Sattar
Sterling, VA

I have been waiting a long time to take this course and we are finally able to take it here in VA. I am so excited, it was a great opportunity, great training, my staff and I are looking forward to offering this to my patients.

Dr. Mojdeh Vessali
Herndon, VA

I was very excited to take this course, I have been wanting to for some time. Finally, VA is allowing us to use a little Botox for therapeutic purposes. I am so excited to be here and can

Dr. Ann Hebda
Ashburn, VA

The course was great! I have heard Dr. Malcmacher speak before and he was an excellent! I recommend this course to all dentists.

Dr. Larry Rosenman
Station, VA

I just took the Botox Therapeutic course and it was very exciting and the results we were able to see immediately were drastic. I recommend it to anyone that is interested in taking it should.

Dr. Mansour Mortazie
Falls Church, VA

What a great course! The faculty of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics were there to help every step of the way. They gave us the confidence to realize that we can do these procedures as well as anyone else. Even if you are not a "cosmetic dentist," just the uses for the muscles of the TMJ are something dentists should be able to offer their patients. The course was worth it just for that!

Michael Laun DDS
Rockwall, TX

The course exceeded my expectations in that so often many courses are 'teasers' giving insufficient information to do anything on Monday morning. Dr. Malcmacher's and the American Academy of Facial Esthetics program left no stone unturned with the net result being that I was able to walk out of the course confident knowing that I can very easily, comfortably and successfully treat with both Botox and Dermal Fillers. I would highly recommend this course for anyone having the desire to offer this to their patient base. It IS a natural extension of what we already do.

Joseph M. Miranda, DDS
Dallas, TX

I just completed Dr. Malcmacher's Botox and Dermal Fillers course and it was very informative and lots of hands-on instruction. I really enjoyed the course, it was very interesting. And after taking the course, I feel that I can now offer this to my patients with confidence and offer them a great service and a fantastic product! Thank you!

Dr. David Gomez
Houston, TX

This is an outstanding course! It is one that I would highly recommend to any dentist that wants to expand their services and do something that is fantastic for their patients. I f you do cosmetic dentistry then this course is a MUST! The course is a great hands-on course with a great faculty. It is an outstanding course and I am looking forward to the advanced course!

Dr. Tom Watkins
San Antonio, TX

Yes, had a great time and learned a LOT from your course...I have purchased and watched your video twice now...Thanks for putting that together for dentists in particular. It fits in beautifully with general practice and cosmetic dentistry. I would be interested in future courses.

David Palmer, DMD
Lufkin, TX

I learned how to do a complete facial makeover on my patients to complement all of the veneers I have done for years. This has made a big impact on the way I look at dentistry and esthetics. I have patients coming in as soon as I get back for Botox and dermal fillers. Great course!

Dr. David Silbur

I have done lots of big dental esthetic cases in my career. Now with botox and dermal fillers and soft tissue esthetic treatment to complement the dentistry, I can now complete these cases by giving my patients a great looking smile instead of just great looking teeth. This is by far the best course I have taken in my career and I am going to refer everyone I know to take this course. Dr. Malcmacher, I can't thank you enough!

Steve Haase, DDS
San Antonio, TX

I loved this course. The instructors taught everything very well. The best part was the hands-on. Being able to interact with different doctors, see a little different technique and to be able to apply that towards my patients as I treat them was an unbelievable experience. I feel very comfortable and am looking forward to starting this immediately in my practice.

Dr. Jacob Burch
Conroe, TX

The course was concise and very informative. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics staff were very knowledgeable and the hands-on is terrific! This course is a MUST!

Dr. James Lony
Katy, TX

After taking the course and with the DVDs I feel very confident offering this to my patients. It was an excellent course.

Dr. Van Parham
Irving, TX

Thank you for this amazing seminar by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics! This was by far the most exciting and interesting seminar I have ever been to. As soon as I got back to my office I started talking about it. . I am xx years old and like to look my best. I am able to show patients..... look at me. I have had the botox and the dermal fillers at the course. I LOVE IT! This is so exciting! Thank you again! I already have a waiting list of 14 patients that are ready to get started.

Dr. Debra S. Palmer
Dallas, TX

This is an awesome course. It was well worth it. It has expanded my appreciation from Level I. I am really looking forward to level II.

Dr. John Wilbur
Austin, TX
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