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AAFE Practice Booster Program

The AAFE Practice Booster Program is designed for clinicians who want to more thoroughly integrate Botox® and dermal fillers into their practice and those who want to refine and refresh the clinical skills you have already learned at AAFE training courses. The primary benefit is this takes place in your office so that you and your team can learn how to make the most of your AAFE clinical training.

Private one on one clinical coaching in your office covering:

  • Best practices to Botox® and filler injection technique
  • Comprehensive patient evaluation
  • Motivating patients to accept treatment – “upselling” treatment
  • Train your team in both clinical and patient management
  • Refine office set up and flow to insure efficient patient flow for esthetics
  • Post coaching follow up – This is a Personal Trainer for your AAFE Practice!
  • Regular $1500 – Now $1000 for a limited time or next 10 AAFE members to take advantage of this offer
  • Email to book a date

What you need to know:

  • In office training is from approximately 10AM – 3PM depending on trainer travel arrangements
  • The Practice Booster program will concentrate on the skills and facial areas you have already learned in the AAFE course you have participated in. For private training on advanced level and specialty courses, contact for tuition and arrangements.
  • Patients should be appointed from 10AM – Noon and 1 – 3 PM. A working lunch with you and your team will concentrate on office flow, clinical patient management, and patient strategies for accepting more treatment.
  • Your office is responsible for all supplies and injectable products. We can advise how much to have on hand.


“Yesterday we had our in-office Level I training with Paula.  It was a great
experience!  Paula is a fantastic trainer and truly a great asset to your
training team.  Thank you for the opportunity to train under her guidance.”

Cody W. Haslam DDS