Never a disappointment. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. 

- LouAnn Van Liew, DMD, Forked River, NJ


Great content - wonderful tips for each procedure. The American Academy of Facial Esthetics faculty was excellent in conveying the message of use in therapeutic, facial pain, and migraine cases. They are honest and forthcoming with their teaching.

- Tom Streko, DMD, Westfield, NJ


Amazing course! Thank you so much. I really learned a lot!

-Michelle Rubin, DMD, Totowa, NJ


You have helped remove the barriers to Botox therapy!

-Mark Terry, DDS, Wayne, NJ


Absolutely loved it!! The American Academy of Facial Esthetics was great!

-Todd Gottlieb, DMD, Franklinville, NJ


Excellent Instructors, very well presented.

-Scott Schron, DMD, Manahawkin, NJ


I thought the course was excellent. This is something that can be used immediately.

-Dr. Richard Silverstein, Englewood, NJ


The course was great, very informative. The instructors were fantastic.  

-Dr. Robert  Weintraub, Morris Plains, NJ


I thought the course was very informative. It would probably augment my practice in pain because I have never had any exposure in Botox. I am looking forward to embarking on something new.  I think it was worth the time, effort and money.

-Dr. Davis Thomas, Momoth County, NJ


This was the first course I ever took on Botox and Dermal Fillers. It was very interesting, informative and educational. I am so pleased that I attended and participated in this course. I look forward to taking further courses.  

-Dr. Oksana Baczynskyj, North Arlington, NJ


This is my first experience with Botox and Dermal Fillers and I had a great two days. It was a fantastic learning experience. We had a lot of fun and look forward to level two.

-Dr. Christopher Lota, Wickliffe Lake, NJ


We had a great time here with our staff. The staff was very experienced and taught us ways to also improve our practice. We look forward to Level II and III.

-Dr. Bruce Bilow, Little Silver, NJ


The course was fantastic. I learned so much and look forward to implement this into my practice. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking into improving their practice.

-Dr. Gregory Golder, Brooklyn, NJ


This course was terrific! Excellent instruction. The hands-on portion was fantastic with the other instructors giving their advice.

-Dr. Robert Verdier, Whiter, NJ


I took this course with my husband to gain insight and to learn the procedure of Botox and Dermal Filler so I can help in the office. The course was informative, complete, and I recommend it to everyone.

-Joellynn Verdier, RN, Whiter, NJ


This course was amazing! It was very organized, and the instructors were very professional. I am going to register for Level II today.

-Dr. Daniel Kim, Richmond, NJ


I had a great time at the course. It was very enlightening and very entertaining. This is probably the best course I have ever taken.

-Dr. Paul Poli, Sayreville, NJ


I really enjoyed the course, the instructors were very informative. The best part of the course was the hands-on portion. I enjoyed interacting with each of the instructors and getting different pointers and techniques. I would highly recommend this course.

-Dr. Mark Vitale, Edison, NJ


Thought the course was wonderful. The instructors were fabulous. I enjoyed the small groups so we can see different procedures being performed. We were showed many different techniques. We were also showed ways to troubleshoot.

-Dr. Paul Tedeschi, Edison, NJ


I cannot wait to incorporate these services into the practice. After taking your course I feel very confident in performing these procedure for my patients.

-Renee Falivene, DDS, W. Long Branch, NJ


I just completed the American Academy of Facial Esthetics course on Botox and dermal fillers. I have a very large neuromuscular based dental practice and this will make a huge impact on my practice starting immediately! Bring your team to this course - I did and they already have patients lined up for Botox and dermal fillers when I get back to the office!

-Dr. David Martin, Totowa, NJ


This course is very well organized and I got a TON of hands-on experience, I am getting started with this immediately, thanks for a great course!

-Dr. Richard Nadler, Hillsborough, NJ


I am a periodontist and have to tell you I had a lot of skepticism coming into this course. I am extremely impressed - the American Academy of Facial Esthetics faculty was great to work with. This will be a great service to my patients and to my referring dentists by complementing their smile makeovers. Thanks for an outstanding course!

-Dr. Mike Terry, Wayne, NJ


This is a progressive course for the leading edge dentist. I immediately began to notice lines and folds on patient's face when they smiled or showed facial expression and knew what can be done to improve their appearance. This is an excellent treatment option to be able to offer patients who want to improve their smile and facial appearance.

-Dr. Louis P. Zazzaro, Jersey City, NJ


Anyone who is interested or already practices cosmetic dentistry must take this course. This course is fantastic. Now whenever I look at a face or a smile I look at it totally different. I am so excited to get back to my office and utilize these techniques differently.

-Dr. David Silverstorm, Livingston, NJ


I thought the course was excellent. It's a great way to enhance the practice. I think the botox and dermal fillers fit in great with what we do as dentists cosmetically even treating patients with TMJ, facial pain or headaches. This will be a big enhancement to my practice.

-Dr. Brad Strober, NJ


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