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Course and Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policy and Additional Costs

Registration is fully refundable only if course is canceled by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics. We reserve the right to cancel a course for any reason and cannot be responsible for hotel deposits or non-refundable airline tickets or other associated fees. Hotel locations may change depending on circumstances beyond our control. We take no responsibility regarding state medical or dental board requirements. Participants are responsible for determining whether they are able to perform these procedures at our courses and in their own practices. We are not responsible for decisions or changes made by state medical/dental board about their state practice acts prior to our courses.

On-Demand Courses are not refundable once you have started the course. Registration for Live courses as well as On-Demand courses that you have not started are fully refundable no later than 5 PM same date one month before course minus $775 handling fee. No refunds after same date one month before the first course that you registered for. At our discretion, you may be able to change to another date and location but there will be no refund available should you cancel out of that course or fail to show up.

Participants may pay with credit cards at any time or by check only two weeks before each course. Checks are not accepted for payment on the day of the course for either attendance or for the products to be used at the course.

All course completion, certificates and continuing education credits will be awarded to attendees when all course tuition, team member verification, and course/product fees have been reconciled.

Additional Costs (If applicable)

Additional materials include $565 per vial of Botulinum Toxin and $265-395 per syringe of dermal filler depending on brand requested. Note: If you are taking one of our international courses the costs of the products will be significantly less expensive. Products bought at the course are for use at the course only. Attendees may bring their own products but must show proof that they are original and authentic. A list of other necessary supplies will be provided for you to bring to the live patient course. You must also show proof of professional license and current malpractice insurance.

Model Patients

For the best educational experience, please bring your own model patients.  Model patients are not provided.

Team Member

Team members brought to the  course are only for staff not other medical professionals who are able to inject. Any dentists, physicians, osteopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners and any other medical or dental professionals whether they can inject or not may NOT be your team member. Not available at all courses.

Additional Injectors and Staff

Additional medical professionals and dental professionals or team members who show up at the course will be charged appropriately.

AAFE Membership and DVD’s

Membership is non-refundable. DVD’s are non-refundable. Defective Dvd’s may be exchanged up to 21 days from purchase.

All policies are subject to change at any time.


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